Friday, October 23, 2009

The wanderer returns!

I have a lovely prospect ahead of me - sharing pictures and moments with you, as I'm just back from another wedding in York, and before that, almost three weeks in Cornwall with Tim, walking the coast path from Padstow to Falmouth! We based ourselves at his, and either caught buses or used the car and bus to complete this 'Part Two' of the walk. There are one or two little bits that we have left out - reasons will become clear, but we have had a fantastic time.

My busy few weeks began with Keith leaving for Kosova, followed by the delivery of the two uni-babies to their respective universities on consecutive days. Tim to Sheffield on the Saturday; his new room was very nice with a lovely kitchen/living area :-); and Bridgie to her lovely house in Manchester on the Sunday :-).

It worked well because it meant I could also visit Meriel for her birthday before heading off on the long trek to Cornwall! We went to The Farmer's Cart for a birthday lunch, and it was delicious... the pictures speak for themselves...

Special Chocolate Bread and Butter Pudding!

Back in Bedford I packed for the walk, although I did feel quite unprepared this time - I hadn't made a fruit cake, or bought the usual provisions. I decided to drive down because we thought the car might be useful this time. It was a long journey, 7 hours with the motorway very slow around Bristol, but we had a lovely evening walk around Cubert which was an excellent introduction to Part Two proper!

Ready for the off -Tim's stuff - Saturday morning!