Monday, February 27, 2012

Catching up!


Some catch up pictures...


A Hedgehog - Cornish ice-cream, clotted cream... hazlenuts... 
Carvoza Rd
Carvoza Rd
 Bridgie on her roof terrace -  central Manchester beyond 
A place for parties I think...
  Sunrise at Caswell
Sunrise from the flat

I had a few days in Cornwall when it was blowing a gale and the sea was magnificent :-)
The house in Carvoza road looked squashed and cramped... not so much the old one.. but the new one... odd to see it so changed!

This was followed by a visit to Manchester and Bridgie's lovely flat... she loves the city and  her roof terrace is amazing... I see lots of fun there. I doubt if it is visible in the pic but there was snow on the Pennines that day..

And then down to the flat at Caswell for a final few days before all the business of the golfing year!
 It was wonderful.      Each morning I sat in the flat doorway wrapped in a sleeping bag watching the sun rise...