Monday, February 27, 2012

Catching up!


Some catch up pictures...


A Hedgehog - Cornish ice-cream, clotted cream... hazlenuts... 
Carvoza Rd
Carvoza Rd
 Bridgie on her roof terrace -  central Manchester beyond 
A place for parties I think...
  Sunrise at Caswell
Sunrise from the flat

I had a few days in Cornwall when it was blowing a gale and the sea was magnificent :-)
The house in Carvoza road looked squashed and cramped... not so much the old one.. but the new one... odd to see it so changed!

This was followed by a visit to Manchester and Bridgie's lovely flat... she loves the city and  her roof terrace is amazing... I see lots of fun there. I doubt if it is visible in the pic but there was snow on the Pennines that day..

And then down to the flat at Caswell for a final few days before all the business of the golfing year!
 It was wonderful.      Each morning I sat in the flat doorway wrapped in a sleeping bag watching the sun rise...



  1. Lovely pics Ruth. Bridgie's flat looks terrific, is she sharing with others? Hope your year as captain goes really well.We're awaiting arrival of baby, any time soon.

    Love Jeannie

  2. What is that Bridget? Some sort of high-flying executive? Gets paid massive bonuses? (Flat looks lovely, so did the Gower pics).

    Happy captaining.