Friday, January 6, 2012

..Korea cont..

The Trip to Suwon on the bus gave us great confidence in getting around and the next day Bridgie went exploring on her own. I was very tired and had to rest so Bridgie caught a taxi to Suwon station where the big shops were. She was fascinated by these aquariums...
Bridgie spotted Nemo in top left!
I felt a bit guilty leaving her on her own to explore but she was very happy and the rest did me good. When she got back she visited our favourite little eatery...
Bridgie's favourite snack :-)

We met up with Phil in the evenings, about 10pm and would go out for a meal together with his mates, before returning to the hotel any time between 1am and 5! It worked really well as it was sort of in keeping with our body clocks!
Bridgie and I ventured into Seoul on the bus - the buses were brilliant, inexpensive and frequent, though some of the driving was 'interesting'. The bus lane was the fast lane of the motorway so when a bus joined or left the motorway it just headed straight across the 5 or 6 lanes seemingly ignoring everyone else - it took a little getting used to.
Seoul was lovely, we both found it a fascinating place and easy to get round. Phil leant us a lonely planet guide and we did a walking tour which took in some lovely sights. The Hammering Man was fascinating... though I decided it might be a woman...
Here are some pictures from that day...
There was an amazing display at the entrance to one of the palaces..

 More soon :-)

Phil sets off today to Buenos Aires for his 6month adventure travelling S America :-)  He's hoping to write a blog.. if he does I'll send the link

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  1. Fascinating, and so different! Well done for exploring on your own.

    It would be great to follow Phil's travels.