Sunday, March 31, 2013

Last day of March... more freezing weather and a beautiful sunrise throwing rich colours on the trees :-)

Another freezing morning... Bridgie came home today for the weekend :-) 

Friday, March 29, 2013

An even heavier frost this morning...  thermals on ... golf match beckons!

Bitter, bitter cold... hard to play when you're all wrapped up and your fingers are numb - no excuses really - we were well and truly beaten by a better pair. My partner played well but I just didn't play well at all. Sleepless night last night probably didn't help... :-(

Thursday, March 28, 2013

First sign of sun... about 6am.
 It rises along the line of the back of the house and casts long shadows :-)
Keith went up to fetch Gma for Easter but she needs a couple of days to recover from a stumble. She may be down at the weekend. A removal man comes today to quote for removals and/or putting stuff in store... 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

.... still bitter... one or two daffodils are beginning to open... but hardly any!

6am and its bitter, bitter cold but the snow is less extensive back in Pavenham.
Spent a lot of time mulling over decision about the house... and I have concluded that there is too much work involved for me to take it on... so I have sadly withdrawn my offer. It would not have been sensible to continue. 
We have Gma coming for Easter and I will concentrate on that for the next few days - Keith goes up to get her tomorrow - and I will start thinking about houses again after that. In the mean time I am getting costings for putting my stuff in store and may try and rent somewhere to give myself time... our own house sale seems to be going through okay.
Bridgie is very happy in her lovely little place in London :-)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Final day in the forest... saw no sun till today... and then just glimpses. A raw cold wind still... 

Next morning... Lodge was cosy but SO cold outside!

Local wildlife came up to the patio for food - ducks, jays, tits of various sorts... very nice to watch :-) Table-tennis, nice lunch and spa evening to round off the day...

                                      ..and I loved this fence! :-)
Morning at Centre Parcs... Thetford Forest..

 We played golf in the cold - it began to snow a little. It continued with fine snow... 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Bridgie's final early morning commute to London ..

... she has enjoyed her first week - it has been tiring with the commute but it seems to be a vibrant environment to work in - offering the opportunities she has craved for a little while. Keith is taking her down to her house share tomorrow.. his purchase is going through steadily with no major issues... keeping everything crossed!  
That special early morning light

Had busy, rather anxious day today as had detailed survey to study... and it has thrown up some serious issues so am trying to separate the important from the not so important and decide what to do....

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fog and tide in!

Had a verbal report about my purchase and it's very damp apparently... will need to read it carefully when it arrives... 

Very cold again - golf today and by half way round we were in sunshine and had warmed up enough to take off our outer layers!

Monday, March 18, 2013

A bitter cold foggy start for Bridgie's first day at Inmarsat.

She is staying here this week before moving onto a house-share in Collier's Wood next weekend. She was able to have a lift in to the station with Paul our next door neighbour... looking forward to hearing how she has got on. The survey on ours went ok - not sure what the final report will say but nothing unexpected we think :-)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

...and wet, wet, wet today with snow amongst the rain...

The house buying/selling is progressing. Survey's are being conducted and we should be able to move to the next stage soon :-)

..and again... cold and very damp... 

Damp and very cold!

Wonderful heavy frost this morning.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Tuesday morning...

... and the continuation of jobs!

Bitterly cold morning for the journey back but not the forecast snow which was a great relief :-)

And these lovely Mother's Day flowers were waiting for me from Bridgie :-) 

The journey had taken about 6 hours... and despite fairly dire warnings on the weather forecst the previous day, driving conditions were excellent... some snow on the moors but the roads were fine.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mothering Sunday

No pretty sunrise this morning but a fierce south-easterly wind blowing, bitterly cold! 
The breakfasts at this lovely B n B  (Chy an Mor) in Penzance have been delicious and so beautifully presented :-)

Tim came down on the bus today - I met him at 11.30... and we went over to St Just to look at the house. But first we needed some sustenance so visited a coffee shop called The Cook Book. I had read about it on line but it exceeded my expectations. Phillipa  took our order (they do lovely soups!) and I explained that I was hoping to buy Gabrielle and Tom's house... and the welcome was so warm. She came and sat with us and we chatted about all sorts... it's a second hand book shop and cafe with a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Apparently, Gabrielle and Tom had gone in to see them yesterday for a celebratory cup of tea as they were so pleased about their sale :-)

Tim and I then went down to the Cape for a walk,  returning rather windswept to look at the house. We had a cup of tea with G and T and discovered an interesting connection. Carvoza Road was sold to the cousin of Tom's father. Tim had recognised Tom's surname. We had a lovely long chat with them, Tom used to teach art and Gabrielle is a counsellor - both are artists and practising buddhists. Very gentle people, they've lived there for 27 years but now want to move further up Cornwall - probably St Columb way so Tim was able to talk about the area.
I dropped Tim back in Cubert and when I got back to Penzance the high tide, strong easterly and tilt of the sea meant the promenade was getting wet.. all my fault I expect... blooming sloping sea!

It is  hard to believe that I can have such a lovely place to live...

I'm driving back to Pavenham tomorrow - the forecast for the Southwest is snow... and snow showers for the rest of day so I'm hoping it is not too bad!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sunrise on a special day?

St Michael's mount just visible.
Today dawned with a beautiful sunrise... I had two properties to visit and then hoped to be going back to the one in St Just that captured me on that first visit.
The first two were not contenders although the second would make a lovely place for someone in their twenties and who had time and energy to do it up.

I hastened over to St Just to return to the shop on Fore St; currently used as an Art shop and studio called Turn of the Tide. Gabrielle and Tom made me welcome and Gabrielle showed me round... starting at the top of the house like I did before... 
 This is the attic room which they have made... it has a couple of roof windows plus this dormer that looks westwards.. 
 The sea is just visible in the far, far distance... 

 And this is the garden from that high vantage point :-)

Stairs to/from the attic
Main bedroom... and below, the second bedroom...

this is the landing between floors..
and below is the kitchen....

 ..which is also dining room at other end... room...
 the garden from the conservatory ..

 Back of the house... and below the shop!

... well... I fell in love with it ...there are things that need doing to it... like the kitchen... but it is special ... I have made an offer and have had it accepted!  So, all being well ... :-)

Great news too is that Keith found a flat he also loved, in Bath, and had his offer accepted yesterday...:-)

We are now hoping that everything works well and together... so far so good.