Tuesday, March 26, 2013

.... still bitter... one or two daffodils are beginning to open... but hardly any!

6am and its bitter, bitter cold but the snow is less extensive back in Pavenham.
Spent a lot of time mulling over decision about the house... and I have concluded that there is too much work involved for me to take it on... so I have sadly withdrawn my offer. It would not have been sensible to continue. 
We have Gma coming for Easter and I will concentrate on that for the next few days - Keith goes up to get her tomorrow - and I will start thinking about houses again after that. In the mean time I am getting costings for putting my stuff in store and may try and rent somewhere to give myself time... our own house sale seems to be going through okay.
Bridgie is very happy in her lovely little place in London :-)

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  1. We're sorry about that, Ruthie. It would have been a disappointment for you. There must be a better place somewhere in the area.