Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy Christmas to everyone!
All together here at Phil's....will post a video when I can get on a laptop...
Phil was astounded to see them walk in! Absolutely brilliant :-)

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Korean Christmas 🎅
Flight out was delayed a little but a good journey, slept a little and Phil was waiting at the airport to meet me.I felt very spoilt!
Phil's flat is lovely, very homely and I have a very comfy sofa to sleep on. Brandi has made me so welcome :-)
Weather here has been cold, bright and sunny. I can't post pictures when on my phone, but will when I can get on a laptop.
I feel very lucky to be out here for Christmas :-)

Wednesday, December 16, 2015 Bridgie's...the adventure begins 😊

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Countdown to my trip! Closer every day! Went for a walk with Tim today, at Perran :-)
Pattern in the sand

Sun just peeping through.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Big Sea Running
This was today at Cape...

Some photos too!


Saturday, December 5, 2015

Today (Saturday) golf was off because of the gale force wind, but Anne and I walked down from the golf club to see the waves. We had to walk arm in arm to keep our balance! 

I  only had my phone with me but had to take some pictures... the waves were running right up the cliffs - it was fabulous.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Where did November go? December has arrived so quickly! I thought my upcoming trip was a long way off but suddenly it's a couple of weeks away! I am getting very excited!
Golf has cancelled more often than not over the last few weeks but 5 of our intrepid band made it out for 9 holes in gale force winds last Saturday. It certainly blew away some cobwebs!
The sea has been running some good waves.

I have been trying to get my little house ready for my absence... there are a couple of visitors planning to stay which is really nice. 

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Odds and Ends
A few snippets... the cold weather has been replaced my milder days and nights. The wind and rain has been fierce though!
We had a lovely low tide the other day, clearly showing the reef that runs out towards The Brisons...

We have had heavy showers and some amazing rainbows, my friend Judith rang me the other day and told me to look out of my window...
the picture doesn't really do it justice. It was vibrant, a double one  and so steep. I couldn't get it all in the picture. 

Some good news - Tim is allowed to put weight on his leg now and will be able to drive when he feels ready. However... he broke the little toe on his good foot while hopping around getting ready for work on Monday! It never rains but it pours but he remains positive and cheerful!
Cape at Low tide

Sand where sometimes there is none!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Cheering Sight


and then.. 
..and now...

Tim doing really with with his rehab... still not weight-bearing but keeping fit. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Thank you

Thank you to Sarah for identifying my plant... a Bromeliad? My phone syncs with my laptop and unbeknown to me it still had me logged in to Facebook even though I had deactivated the account on the laptop?  Not quite sure how that could be but it was. Anyway, it meant that I saw your message Sarah, thank you :-)

Tim skyped me just now while he was playing his piano and I tried to get a note out of Phil's clarinet! Not very successful but I shall try again. Tim is looking so well, he has great movement back in his knee and is able to move and flex his foot much more. It was great to see. He's next back to see the consultant on Tuesday. 

Gales are still blowing but they haven't been as fierce as expected... 

If you want to leave a message or comment you should be able to do it via the comments box below? 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Gales and rain have made the last few days one for staying inside! Not all the time of course, I've enjoyed reading several books, My Cousin Rachel was one; and today The Curious Incident of the dog in the night-time. I went with a friend to see a National Theatre Production of it in Truro during the summer and it was amazing. I'm glad I've read the book now too.
 Today I walked down to collect my paper and decided to head on down to Cape. I expected quite a big sea to be running because we've had strong winds for several days. It was rough but not as big as I expected. The amazing thing is how mild it has been. I took these pictures at Carn Gloose on the way home - I love the pools of sunlight.

On a more mundane note... I have a leak in my shower which drips through into my kitchen :-( I tested various parts of it today and think I have to renew some grouting. Hopefully I can do it myself... but not a skill presently in my armoury!  
And finally... hello Francie, it is nice to think that you read this too... 

Sunday, November 15, 2015


Saw this on the way to Cot valley the other day... 

Do you know what this is?
It has been such a  disturbing few days with the awful happenings in Paris - just going to share a couple of pictures... 
We have had very strong winds and a lot of rain... but some clear patches too.

(I have de-activated my Facebook account for a while, it feels a little odd but also freeing...)

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Logan Rock

After the wonderful walk on Treen Cliffs I returned on the Monday for another walk, this time to Logan Rock. 
I parked in the car park at Treen (which is now not charging) and walked across the open fields to the cliffs. It was extremely windy and at times it was a real battle. My foot is so much better now that I hardly notice it. The tips of two toes are a bit tingly but that is all - no pain.
I took a flask of coffee with me and sat in the shelter of the headland watching a seal and the birds on the rocks.
Below are some pictures from this walk...

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A story

Firstly I want to take you back... to something I wrote back in 2013...

Tuesday 1st October 2013

Let me introduce you to Stick!
I have been looking for a 'stick with which to walk' for some time. I had found a lovely one in the local second hand shop - it was too small... but I was keeping my eyes open.

Whilst visiting Hilary in Bedford  I mentioned my quest for a stick. "Oh - I have three..." she said "Come and look!" It turned out that Hilary had gone to an auction years ago and 3 sticks had been added to a mixed lot. She used them for collecting apples from the trees and suchlike. Anyway - one in particular felt lovely in my hand as soon as I picked it up. It felt as if it was part of me.Hilary was delighted especially because the auction lot had been bought in Penzance! Stick was going home! It would return to Cornwall... so I now take Stick with me on my walks.  

PictureUseful for nettles, steep paths, giving me confidence crossing fields with animals etc

 Stick has accompanied me on many walks since then - particularly the tricky ones.  Stick came with us on the walk Mary and I did to Treen Cliffs on Feast Monday. 

Golf was cancelled on Saturday because the weather was dreadful - strong winds and pouring rain. However, it brightened up later and I thought I'd walk towards Cot valley... but it would be very slippery after the downpour so reached out for Stick... you know what's coming... Stick wasn't there. 

I was all kitted out for my walk but climbed in the car and headed back to Treen.
I retraced my steps with great care, scanning from side to side... no sign. I reached the headland where Mary and I sat and took photos and searched again. Nothing.

I clambered around the rocks and searched a short way down the path to Pednvounder but it was slippery and I dared not risk taking the hunt further. I returned to the top and was resigning myself to the thought that someone else needed Stick more than I did.
 I turned to retrace my steps back to the car. 
On this path, there is a place that I love more than anywhere else in the world. I have written about it before.  I decided to stand on this place and ... 

It was like finding an old friend! 

This is the view from that spot...

With Stick in hand I could now face the steep, slippery path to Pednvounder...and here are some pictures from that wonderful afternoon.
Pathway to Pednvounder

The beach
Pathway back up

For me... the most special place on this earth - how fortunate I am to live nearby.

Friday, November 6, 2015

A strange week

This week has felt odd - you know how it is when it feels like the 'wrong' day. It began with the Feast celebrations on the Sunday. Monday was like a Sunday too because that is also Feast and schools in St Just are closed. The Pendeen Silver band played outside the Coop and crowds gathered. 

Talking to some local folk this is a lot smaller than it used to be. Feast is the official day for marking the 'birthday' of the church - that is when it was re-dedicated by the Bishop of Exeter in 1336.
The Western Hunt also meet and they rode in and then out onto the hills with their hounds. 
This definitely did not feel like a Monday!

Mary was still here and we visited Treen Cliff in the afternoon - it was simply glorious.
The rest of the week has been one day out - today feels like a Thursday. However, I got up at 5am this morning to make sure I caught the One Show Rickshaw Challenge to raise money for Children in Need.
 I walked around the Carn on the road, ( I didn't risk going over the Carn in the dark) and waited on the corner at the top of the hill that goes down to the community farm and Kelynack. The weather was very blustery and wet but fortunately very mild. I stood on the corner for about 10 minutes then spotted a light through the mist across the valley.
The light was moving very slowly and gradually got bigger..

 There were police outriders and support cars and then 16 year old Lucy on the Rickshaw... she had just cycled up our steep hill and was doing amazingly :-) Meet Lucy

I followed them up around the corner and then they were on their way to Penzance.


Monday, November 2, 2015

November begins..


18 degrees... the beginning of November! Yesterday was a fantastic day - better by far than many of the days of summer... today was balmy, with a warm and gentle breeze. It was beautiful.

There have been stunning sunrises almost every morning and amazing night skies. It has almost made up for the summer.

This weekend is St Just Feast, various things going on including the Cape Singers outside the pub in the town square yesterday. Today it's a brass band and the hunt...

Cape Singers

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


A visitor!

I have had my old college friend Mary camping nearby over the last week or so. She actually arrived in St Just the day I drove up to see Tim, so we didn't see each other for a week. Mary is staying at the campsite where Mum and Dad used to put their caravan, at Sennen. It felt strange driving in there to see her. It is a very peaceful place. 


We went to Porthcurno on one little outing - and yesterday to Sennen. Mary suffers from Chronic Fatigue so we have just been on short visits. The weather has been changeable but generally pretty good.

This was last night's sunset... beautiful!