Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmastime 2010

What is Meriel laughing at?

Hello again! Thought you might enjoy some Christmastime snaps :-)
The weather has stayed below freezing for days on end... we have the bottles of coke and lemonade etc stood outside the back door... when we come to pour them they are wonderful iced drinks!

We had some lovely news on the 23rd when Louise and Chris had a baby boy, Harry. That makes Meriel a Great Grandma!

Tim did his usual expert job under the tree and we all enjoyed some lovely presents - what was Fav GG smiling at?

In the afternoon we were able to chat to Phil on Skype and he opened his parcel...
I hasten to add... it wasn't just toothpaste! Skype has been great and it was lovely to catch up with him. He had been out with his mates and had had a really good time.

Bridgie has been doing lots of uni work but we managed to force her to join in some card games and watch some tv :-) Sevens and Hearts seem to be the favourite card games... and Meriel is a dab hand at both!

You can see how our house is still frosted up,
but it's lovely and warm inside.
We have burnt all our stored logs but it has been worth it. Keith has been on several walks out up on to the ridge or around to Stevington and as long as you are wrapped up warm and can keep your feet, it is glorious. He's also been totting for logs in the coppice across the road and has amassed a good haul - they need some sawing and drying out but should see us through the New Year.

On one of my walks out in the snow I couldn't resist doing this... on the golf course... in the middle of the second fairway! Needless to say... there was noone about!

I'm not sure what the Ladies of Pavenham would have made of me, but I loved it :-)

Now, what was it that Meriel was smiling at?
And finally a farewell from Phil..

Happy New Year

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas chill!

Happy Christmas!

I thought you might enjoy some recent pics...
we have had very cold weather with some wonderful frosts...

and then, yesterday afternoon, about 4 inches of snow fell in about an hour! Tim, Bridgie and Keith went out in the dark to go sledging and are out in it now!
Fav GG is decorating our tree... we've had real fires to cheer our room... it's been lovely.