Saturday, May 14, 2011


I haven't really been asleep since February ... though it may look like that!

My time seems to have been taken up with other things for a while... a brief resume...

Back at the end of February Tim and I were preparing for the final stage of the coast path, with everything booked in advance (the only time we have done that!) when I developed a problem with my eye.
It turned out to be due to the natural aging process (posterior vitreous detachment but with a bleed) :-( and though a little distracting at the time with enforced total rest which I hated... everything is fine. Vision is slightly cloudly but I don't notice it unless I look for it! The hospital were superb and the consultant I saw - visiting from Cambridge - was excellent, giving great confidence. He gave me a heads up that the same thing will happen to the other other eye over the next few years and then they'll both be the same!! :-)
Anyway, all is well, but it meant that we had to postpone the walk! Hopefully October time now... Tim has taken himself off round Europe on the train and is having a wonderful time of cultural and scenic excess! He's having a great time:-)

Since then, Phil continues his teaching in Korea, Tim has gone to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam for a two month trip with a couple friends - enjoying it greatly I believe. And Bridgie is working hard, has completed her dissertation and is in the midst of revision. Then wondering what to do next?
Meriel came to stay over Easter and Keith was home for that week too, he is back in Ethiopia now till the beginning of June.

Jeannie and Alastair stayed for a few days on their Grand Tour, it was lovely to catch up again.
I've been immersed in golf stuff, playing lots and doing a website for the ladies and I guess keeping that up to date has taken over a bit from the blog... but I will get the rest of the walk done sometime.... honest!