Monday, January 3, 2011

Start Point to Dartmouth (12 Oct)

Down Farm was the name of our B & B,

a lovely example of a Devon Longhouse where the people lived upstairs and the animals down below. There were gates across the wide steep stairs to stop the animals from encroaching. It was a working farm and a lovely place to stay, I loved these paintings on my bedroom wall...

There was also a lady staying who spent the evening drawing from a photo she'd taken. It was beautiful. Looking through her sketch book was such a delight... it made me want to pick up a pencil again - though it would be with nothing like the skill and finesse of this talented woman.

We set off after our usual excellent breakfast and headed for Hallsands

which was washed away after dredging for the construction of Devonport Dockyard back in 1890s led to a drop in beach level of 12' and the subsequent destruction of the original village. The new village perches similarly on this dramatic piece of coast.

From here though it became less dramatic, so much so that we caught the bus again. The path follows the road here for some way and moves inland, so we re-joined the path at Stoke Fleming (still inland), where the path gradually wends its way back to the sea and from here it was a short walk along to Dartmouth.
As far as walking goes this was a very quiet day. Dartmouth was interesting though, with some amazing buildings;
a barometer on a wall; a slightly terrifying car ferry; .which was fascinating to watch - (see below) - it was almost like a pair of dancers;

and lots of people, probably the busiest place we'd been in so far. Finding a B&B proved a little tricky, but we got there in the end and were able to enjoy long hot baths again!

The Ferry Dance

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Salcombe to Start Point (11th Oct)

I'm going to whisk you back to the coast for some more of the walk... we woke up to another beautiful day with blue skies and a strong easterly wind. Roger kindly drove us in to Salcombe so that we could catch the ferry across the river to East portlemouth to begin the next section.
The River at Salcombe

I was feeling very snuffly... I think this may be the reason...

when I came back upstairs after breakfast... the cat had disappeared... he was actually the lump under the duvet... As the day went on, my snuffles disappeared...

Today's walk took us along the coast as far as Start Point. I shall let the pictures speak for themselves - it was a glorious day.
Looking towards Prawle Point

Looking back at Gammon Head and beyond to Bolt Head

Looking onwards from Prawle point towards Start Point - lovely bit of raised beach!

Lannacombe Beach

The Pinnacles - "isolated stacks of glacial head on schist bases" :-)

Start Point
The Ridged back of Start Point

The View Beyond Start Point

So Far So Good - just look at those miles!

A final look back at Start Point