Monday, August 22, 2011

Bridgie's blog

Thought you might like to welcome Bridgie to the blogosphere :-)


Sunday, August 14, 2011


Not quite sure what's happened to the seasons this year... plums dropping off the tree... autumn fruiting raspberries are well and truly fruiting - and I saw folk picking blackberries a week ago!

Meriel's coming to stay this week - I'll try and get some pics taken to share with you :-) Then I must get the camera charged for Korea!

It's good to have Tim and Bridgie working - they both have temporary jobs and are now looking for permanent positions.

Keith has had a couple of adventures on his bike, he cycled up to Lincolnshire - visiting Skegness and Lincoln and villages en route. He described his evenings after a long bike ride as 'lying in his B&B room watching tv...' just like The Cornish Walker after a day's exertions! He also took his bike down to Brighton and then biked along the coast to Hastings and round - had a good time :-)

Tim and I have put the completion of the coast path on the back burner at the moment. Tim has had a couple of lovely trips over the summer and may be going back to Europe for more exploring. My (and Bridgie's) trip to see Phil is followed by a week in Slovenia with a lady from the golf club and that will take us to mid October... so we're both happy to leave the walk for the time being.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Bridgie's Graduation

:-) :-) :-)

Friday 15th July saw us setting off early to Manchester for Bridgie's Graduation... I thought you'd like a few pics :-)

Needless to say she looked gorgeous... our only disappointment was that Meriel wasn't able to join us as she was cruising the Norway coast..

Still... we entered into the spirit of it!

How embarrassing can parents be?!

Tim and Bridgie both have temporary jobs at the moment, Tim with a Highways Agency doing admin work, and Bridgie with Unilever - an office role as well. Both are glad to be in employment!

Bridgie and I are going out to see Phil in mid September for two weeks... we're really looking forward to that - Keith will be back in Addis then...