Monday, April 29, 2013

6.05 ish... makes a lovely light - I love the early morning and the late evening... something special about them :-)
This afternoon a friend from Felmersham came to see me... Hilary; she's a Cornish lass who has been a good friend since the children were little - she is my ginger marmalade and Christmas Pud provider in chief...  amongst many other things.  She has been on the end of desperate phone-calls on the eve of a new term when we belatedly realised that Phil or Tim had outgrown their school trousers. Hilary's boys are a bit older than mine (useful that!) many a time she bailed us out!  When we had to move out while this house was underpinned many moons ago, we moved in next door to Hilary. And so to today...she called in with cardboard boxes for me to pack... and...  she brought me this... 
Foot of friendship :-)
 a wonderful farewell gift...  ...a foot of friendship...  Hilary's surname is Foot :-) and she knows I love feet, so what could be more appropriate :-) I am very fortunate to have such lovely friends. Tomorrow is a golf day for me, then  Hilary, Gill (my other Felmersham buddy) and I are going out for dinner :-)
No further news on dates yet... x

Sunday, April 28, 2013


So glad you mentioned blue hedgehog Josie, otherwise I may have left blue tortoise by mistake... he is now safely hibernating among my boxes :-) and will hide inside one as soon as he has dried out a little (it rained/hailed yesterday!)
Blue tortoise among the boxes!
I think I know where he will go when I get there :-) This is looking out of my back door...

Faces south... I think tortoise will find a happy place here!
Main Bedroom
I'm going to turn the bed so that when I sit up in the morning with a cup of tea I will be looking through the window this way... over the rooftops of the town and perhaps a glimpse of the sea :-)

Oh and Jeannie, I have found some pocket silva binoculars which will be far more use than the big old Carvoza Rd ones... so I will  take them instead... I'm wondering if you gave them to Phil as a present once?

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Just after 6 am - it has clouded over now and the cool northerly wind is back!

I took a pic at 6 am but unbeknown to me my phone had run out of battery and it didn't save :-( so here is one taken a little later while I was sat at my laptop!

Keith waiting to hear from his seller's solicitor about a couple of questions -  if they're back in time we're hoping to exchange on Friday for move on the 8th! 
My sellers are moving their stuff out for me at the weekend so it'll be ready for me to move in on 8th. Can't remember if I've said already that I'm buying their furniture (bar a couple of family heirlooms) and the curtains and blinds. So from Heron House I'm  taking the round dining table/4 chairs, the dresser from the top of the stairs and the welsh dresser base from dining room plus the computer table from under the stairs... clothes, bedding etc and the rest is box after box of stuff to store! I've bought plastic boxes with clip on lids for sliding under the beds, and chunky boxes with lids to store in the shed... hopefully it will all go in! 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

About 6am - Keith back today so hoping to get a date fixed for the move...

Sunrise by the train!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Just after 6am this morning... sun just visible :-) turned into a glorious day... even caught the sun at golf!

Monday, April 22, 2013

No frost today but mist over the river ..

...and again... two consecutive lovely sunny days :-)

Frosty morning is back!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Two good night's sleep and I feel much better :-) Today was another day like yesterday... visiting tip etc... and this evening I must begin to go through my files AGAIN to try and reduce the amount of stuff I have...

Sun not rising this side of the house now...
 ...but this is the view out of the little window in the 'West Wing'!
Spent the day visiting the tip... answering solicitors letters... searching through files... burning rubbish... but also enjoying a glass of Bucks Fizz with Gill and Hilary... it's beginning to sink in about the cottage... and the feeling is good. Still a little scared to get excited though...

Thursday, April 18, 2013

About to set off back to Pavenham... flag at half mast 'cos of Maggie T's funeral!
 Set off at 6.50... got home about 1.. went via Phil's stomping ground of Leamington Spa as the M4 had problems. It was nice to drive through his area and wave to where he had once lived :-)

Here are some promised pictures... below is the view of the back... 

..lovely kitchen with a little range :-)

Front of No 18

..sitting room with multi-fuel stove...
I was so tired when I got back yesterday I could hardly think... especially with a pile of questions from solicitor about our sale... which I'll have to tackle that today. Things seem to moving along well - but Keith's in Ethiopia and not back till 28 so have quite a bit  to do. :-)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Just a quickie as can't access pics... progress... the glimmer has grown... revisited the cottage today and looked in every nook and cranny. One little patch seemed damp but the rest in such lovely condition... have made an offer which has been accepted, and it includes some/most of the furnishings. Will write more when firmed up and will include pics when all confirmed but once bitten ... 
The vendors are happy for me to move in before the final documents are signed and live there under licence till the solicitors have done their work, so if we need to move in early May then I can :-)
Almost feel too tired to feel anything, except that it feels good :-)

Monday, April 15, 2013


Looking towards the Market Square

 Not the sunrise but I didn't think you'd want another picture of the condensation-wet window.. so I had a quick walk before breakfast. Excellent breakfasts by the way... they've lasted me all day... :-)
St Just Church

The glimmer has become a little stronger... this is the cottage... it is lovely... but I am afraid to foster any feelings of hope yet in case it all goes wrong. I need to  speak to the owners again...

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Rainy morning... 

How many seals?

Wonderful seas running today :-) On the sheltered side of the cape there were at least 8 seals bobbing up and down - they kept hiding when I took my phone out to take a pic!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Dark and stormy morning!

My breakfast room! Excellent food - mostly local including  hogs pud :-)

Grey and stormy... heavy rain ... :-)

My search has been unfruitful and quite hard over last few days... had an extremely frustrating and depressing morning, but this afternoon have come across a glimmer of light. Daren't think of it as more than that but will think on it tomorrow and will see if it grows into a more substantial thing.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Early morning view from my bedroom window... and some views of my day...

 ... there is a little swimming pool... sea filled... in Priest's Cove... the water was freezing - could only keep my feet in for about 2 mins... and I had to count... it was SO cold!

Confused by this - what is the round light just above the sea?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

A drizzly morning - suitably sad as I had to bury Bridgie's fish Sparkle this morning before I set off for Cornwall :-(  She was so old it was amazing... Bridgie said she must have known we were selling up..

 I set off just after 7.15 and had an excellent journey - no hold ups and just one wee stop! Arrived in St J just after one to a massive downpour - I put on my over trousers and stuff on and walked out - soon the sun was shining and as you can see - it was stunning :-) 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Through the kitchen window... definitely  not as cold this morning... 
Keith off to Addis today... when he gets back we should almost be ready to move!
Tuesday morning golf day... layer on layer to keep warm but after a mizzly start the sun came out and we warmed a little :-)
Keeping an eye on the Korea situation... be glad when it has quietened down a bit...