Saturday, April 27, 2013

I took a pic at 6 am but unbeknown to me my phone had run out of battery and it didn't save :-( so here is one taken a little later while I was sat at my laptop!

Keith waiting to hear from his seller's solicitor about a couple of questions -  if they're back in time we're hoping to exchange on Friday for move on the 8th! 
My sellers are moving their stuff out for me at the weekend so it'll be ready for me to move in on 8th. Can't remember if I've said already that I'm buying their furniture (bar a couple of family heirlooms) and the curtains and blinds. So from Heron House I'm  taking the round dining table/4 chairs, the dresser from the top of the stairs and the welsh dresser base from dining room plus the computer table from under the stairs... clothes, bedding etc and the rest is box after box of stuff to store! I've bought plastic boxes with clip on lids for sliding under the beds, and chunky boxes with lids to store in the shed... hopefully it will all go in! 


  1. So glad it is all going ahead, and those are the pieces of furniture we thought would move with you. Hope all that packing continues well.


  2. Lovely Ruthie,
    Sounds like it is all going "to plan", it's a great idea to pack things into long term storage boxes, we have SO many of those ones with wheels and the clip lids.
    Then you can always go back through them later and cull.
    Remember there's a little blue hedgehog at our house, if you ever need him back again? (We will have to hand deliver him of course!!!)
    It's windy autumn weather here and cold now in the mornings,
    Love us lot