Thursday, April 18, 2013

About to set off back to Pavenham... flag at half mast 'cos of Maggie T's funeral!
 Set off at 6.50... got home about 1.. went via Phil's stomping ground of Leamington Spa as the M4 had problems. It was nice to drive through his area and wave to where he had once lived :-)

Here are some promised pictures... below is the view of the back... 

..lovely kitchen with a little range :-)

Front of No 18

..sitting room with multi-fuel stove...
I was so tired when I got back yesterday I could hardly think... especially with a pile of questions from solicitor about our sale... which I'll have to tackle that today. Things seem to moving along well - but Keith's in Ethiopia and not back till 28 so have quite a bit  to do. :-)


  1. Looks nice and snug. How many bedrooms?
    Hope you get all things sorted out easily.
    Jeannie xx

    1. 2 bedrooms... shower sitting room and kitchen - snug and yet roomy too :-) Address is 18 Carn Bosavern, St Just I'll put some more pics when things are further on!

  2. Hello Ruthie,
    What a lovely place!
    Crossing my fingers that it might be your future home . . .
    Sorry that this is such an exhausting time, make sure you look after yourself and get lots of rest? Force yourself to lie in the bath etc . . or go out for walks, otherwise you fall into bed at the end of the day and realise you haven't taken a moment to decompress everything that's happening!
    Miss you,
    Josie (and sleeping Mouse and Kenzie Dog) ((Jac is across the pond in Melbourne for work))

    1. Hi Josie - I miss you too x
      I was just too tired yesterday - had good sleep and unwind last night and have sorted lots out today including the solicitors questions. Should be able to move in to rent it as soon as I need... feels comfortable...a good place... and it so happens that it is easily locked up safe and warm while I take trips to far flung places! :-) xx

  3. looks lovely - a real haven