Monday, April 29, 2013

6.05 ish... makes a lovely light - I love the early morning and the late evening... something special about them :-)
This afternoon a friend from Felmersham came to see me... Hilary; she's a Cornish lass who has been a good friend since the children were little - she is my ginger marmalade and Christmas Pud provider in chief...  amongst many other things.  She has been on the end of desperate phone-calls on the eve of a new term when we belatedly realised that Phil or Tim had outgrown their school trousers. Hilary's boys are a bit older than mine (useful that!) many a time she bailed us out!  When we had to move out while this house was underpinned many moons ago, we moved in next door to Hilary. And so to today...she called in with cardboard boxes for me to pack... and...  she brought me this... 
Foot of friendship :-)
 a wonderful farewell gift...  ...a foot of friendship...  Hilary's surname is Foot :-) and she knows I love feet, so what could be more appropriate :-) I am very fortunate to have such lovely friends. Tomorrow is a golf day for me, then  Hilary, Gill (my other Felmersham buddy) and I are going out for dinner :-)
No further news on dates yet... x

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