Thursday, February 28, 2013

Last day of February.. this morning's sunrise..

...this was just before 7am this is light from about 6.30.  I've managed two months of sunrises... will get trickier as the months pass - gonna be fun!

This afternoon Keith and I emptied the little house of its contents; spread them on the lawn to be aired, despatched to the bin or allocated a new home. The spider webs and general detritus were sucked up by the vac but the damp patches remain. The clematis which almost covers the house has slowly penetrated all corners and the felt roof has leaked... but it is not bad for 18 years worth of fun!  Phil, Tim and Bridgie bought it out of their little savings accounts... it used to be the only part of Heron House we owned!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Another cold, grey  morning...but the sun came out this afternoon and the dining room is bathed in the evening sun now :-)

and this is how it set :-)
Final Fling Tuesday!
 Not a rosy sunrise this morning but another cold grey day... however, it was Final Fling Tuesday... my last Tuesday in charge... so we played 9 holes of golf in teams, then came back to Heron House for lunch - everyone bringing something.
 What a lovely feast we had... salads... home made quiche (don't think I've ever tasted better!), salmon mousse, chicken wings.... etc etc;    and the puddings... well the meringues did literally melt in your mouth, although mine was so fragile it almost melted in my hand- it was delicious!

 One of the ladies had made me a special Farewell cake... delicious and much enjoyed by all... 
 Here are some of the lovely ladies.. a little blurred but I was on my fourth glass of Bucks Fizz!

And there was hardly room for me... and had to look through the window at the lovely pudding table!  
The Pavenham Golf Ladies are a very special group... and I am hoping that when I am settled in the far West, I will have a steady stream of visitors :-)  

Monday, February 25, 2013


I woke up abruptly this morning and thought I'd take a photo out of the front of the house for a change...  suddenly I realised we hadn't put the wheelie-bins out! Not a major issue you might say, but when you have been sorting through as much stuff as we have over the last week then it is... I flew down the stairs, dressing gown billowing... and ran out to the recycling bin which I could only just move, then ran back for the other bin... by the time I was back inside and upstairs the bin lorry had arrived! They come early in Pavenham! Phew... just in time - and worth the manic moment and rude awakening!

It was yet another cold and grey day but slightly milder than yesterday. A visit to the garage procured a second key for the car ( I don't like just having one as I've had to bail us out so many times with the spares that I hide away for safekeeping) So.. for about £150 I know feel safer... seems a a lot of money for a key but what do I know?

A trip to Sainsbury also lightened the purse - I'm having a Farewell to Captaincy party here tomorrow afternoon for the ladies at golf...(making use of a tidy house - wouldn't dream of it otherwise). Everyone is bringing something but  emergency rations seemed a good idea case they're needed... and if they're not we have some yummy cheeses to look forward to. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tiny snowflakes on another bitter morning! 
We had the Captains' Farewell and Welcome dinner last evening and although instinctively I rather dread these things it was really fun. Excellent company; some dancing that we hope wasn't filmed and a little wine - we have such a special group of ladies at the club they will be hard to match!

Thought you might like a look at where I'm hoping to play when I'm in Cornwall. The club is undergoing a lot of building work... their FB page has an interesting video!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Quite expected to see a frost this morning but these last three days have had none - but bitter weather.

Strange how sometimes bitterly cold days just don't look it!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Almost same as yesterday - bitterly cold easterly wind.

The loft calls again today - am going to try and clear most of it today :-) I'd like to clear it all but that might just be too high an aim!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Today in contrast is overcast and bitterly cold... it doesn't look it, but it is colder than yesterday!

On Monday Keith went up to see Meriel and since he got back yesterday evening we have continued with the clearing and tidying. 

Monday I spent sorting all our board-games... so many of them.. up in the loft in boxes... 13 Dead End Drive, Simpsons Cluedo, Go For Broke, Monopoly (in various guises) and many more. I have gone through them all making sure they are all as complete as is possible... next step will be finding homes for them. The real family favourites we are keeping... but I'm sure you can picture the pile to give away!

We have a sign board up outside the house and the advert goes in the paper this week so we will see how things progress...

Another glorious sunrise.. the planes were leaving vapour trails which caught the light but phone camera and cameraman not quite  good enough!

Tuesdays are the Ladies golf days... and it was simply beautiful to be out... 

Two more for Jac...

 ..there were even ducks...

 ...and Penny went fishing ! The ground so wet and soggy where the frost had thawed that it was difficult to retrieve the ball :-) 

Monday, February 18, 2013


About 6.50 am

But this is about 7.30!
The last three days have been lovely - cool mornings.. then warm sunshine. The Robin sings from the branches outside the back door each morning and follows us around the garden chatting happily away! We have aconites and snowdrops out; the first primroses are showing their little faces and the daffodils are on their way. 
I have just cut the grass again to keep it looking nice... I say grass... but in reality large patches are moss - but then - I like moss :-) 
The dining room has been so warm we have had the doors open while we work on laptops or read the paper..... 
and today's sunset :-)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday frost

A tree for Jac

Sunrise over the paddock at the bottom of the garden :-)

Through the kitchen window...

The early morning is so beautiful... and now it is staying light later - light till about 5.30 today - could almost play out after tea :-)

Saturday morning sunrise..

Friday, February 15, 2013

Another beautiful morning...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rainy sunrise!

Woodpecker  and Jay... can you see them?

Beautiful sunrise :-)

Golf cancelled again!

Monday, February 11, 2013

...and in the morning there was snow...

View from my bed!

Overcast, cold and very damp today...but a special birthday all the same and it began with Bucks Fizz and croissant! :-)

This was followed by the official card-opening ceremony! I had so many cards... a real surprise and a delight :-) 
Keith was back from Ethiopia, Bridgie had come home specially for the weekend and Phil came on Skype and joined in the fun. 

Tim came over later and we shared a roast dinner. I was given beautiful flowers and chocolates... 

... we lit a fire and had rugby on the TV... it was a lovely day.   Thank you to everyone for their lovely messages and for making the day so special. :-)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Where am I?

 Sunrise... trains... ?
Bridgie came home today to help me celebrate tomorrow's birthday :-) This is Milton Keynes Railway station at  7.30am.

Friday, February 8, 2013

A glorious frosty morning sunrise this morning...