Monday, February 25, 2013


I woke up abruptly this morning and thought I'd take a photo out of the front of the house for a change...  suddenly I realised we hadn't put the wheelie-bins out! Not a major issue you might say, but when you have been sorting through as much stuff as we have over the last week then it is... I flew down the stairs, dressing gown billowing... and ran out to the recycling bin which I could only just move, then ran back for the other bin... by the time I was back inside and upstairs the bin lorry had arrived! They come early in Pavenham! Phew... just in time - and worth the manic moment and rude awakening!

It was yet another cold and grey day but slightly milder than yesterday. A visit to the garage procured a second key for the car ( I don't like just having one as I've had to bail us out so many times with the spares that I hide away for safekeeping) So.. for about £150 I know feel safer... seems a a lot of money for a key but what do I know?

A trip to Sainsbury also lightened the purse - I'm having a Farewell to Captaincy party here tomorrow afternoon for the ladies at golf...(making use of a tidy house - wouldn't dream of it otherwise). Everyone is bringing something but  emergency rations seemed a good idea case they're needed... and if they're not we have some yummy cheeses to look forward to. 

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  1. I've been slack about checking your blog (and even slacker about writing anything on ours), but just have to say how much I've enjoyed the Heron House series. Enjoy the first evidences of spring; we've just had the last weekend of summer :-(