Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Today in contrast is overcast and bitterly cold... it doesn't look it, but it is colder than yesterday!

On Monday Keith went up to see Meriel and since he got back yesterday evening we have continued with the clearing and tidying. 

Monday I spent sorting all our board-games... so many of them.. up in the loft in boxes... 13 Dead End Drive, Simpsons Cluedo, Go For Broke, Monopoly (in various guises) and many more. I have gone through them all making sure they are all as complete as is possible... next step will be finding homes for them. The real family favourites we are keeping... but I'm sure you can picture the pile to give away!

We have a sign board up outside the house and the advert goes in the paper this week so we will see how things progress...


  1. Hope you are enjoying the sorting and you don't get overwhelmed by it. Remember to save some things suitable for grandchildren. We have unearthed some treasures that they love to play with. Keep all your little lego too. Hope the right person comes along for the house very soon.

    Jeannie xx

    1. Thanks Jeannie :-) Lego... I have two big curver boxes which are full!!! Thinking maybe just keep one of them! I tipped them out on the floor yesterday onto a blanket... one box at a time and each box made a mountain!
      Keeping Playmobil, Brio trains, Cars and the roadway, among others. It is overwhelming at times but I take a deep breath and start again.