Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Final Fling Tuesday!
 Not a rosy sunrise this morning but another cold grey day... however, it was Final Fling Tuesday... my last Tuesday in charge... so we played 9 holes of golf in teams, then came back to Heron House for lunch - everyone bringing something.
 What a lovely feast we had... salads... home made quiche (don't think I've ever tasted better!), salmon mousse, chicken wings.... etc etc;    and the puddings... well the meringues did literally melt in your mouth, although mine was so fragile it almost melted in my hand- it was delicious!

 One of the ladies had made me a special Farewell cake... delicious and much enjoyed by all... 
 Here are some of the lovely ladies.. a little blurred but I was on my fourth glass of Bucks Fizz!

And there was hardly room for me... and had to look through the window at the lovely pudding table!  
The Pavenham Golf Ladies are a very special group... and I am hoping that when I am settled in the far West, I will have a steady stream of visitors :-)  

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