Friday, February 8, 2013

Today, Tim flew to Munich (just for the day!) ... this meant an early flight from Gatwick... no direct trains running...  a bus needed to link between stations... so I gave him a lift.  British Telecom were coming at 8am to sort out our lack of phone/internet... and he needed to be at the airport for about 5am. 

To cut a long drive short - we set off at just after 2am, arrived at Gatwick just before 4 and I was back home by 5.30! The roads had been empty, but as I drove back up the M1 it was already getting busy.

I fell onto the bed and slept for an hour - waking to such an ill feeling - simply tiredness! However it is amazing what a brew will do and after a couple of mugs of tea I was more human; BT came and by 10.30am everything was fixed. It took a couple of days to catch up on that sleep!

Tim had a good trip to Munich -  though I am still waiting to hear the details :-) Hoping to see him on Sunday when he's coming for my birthday - I'm cooking roast lamb... Bridgie will be home specially too  - and Keith will be back from Ethiopia. Hoping to have Phil on Skype and that will make it a lovely 60th Birthday celebration :-)

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