Monday, February 18, 2013


About 6.50 am

But this is about 7.30!
The last three days have been lovely - cool mornings.. then warm sunshine. The Robin sings from the branches outside the back door each morning and follows us around the garden chatting happily away! We have aconites and snowdrops out; the first primroses are showing their little faces and the daffodils are on their way. 
I have just cut the grass again to keep it looking nice... I say grass... but in reality large patches are moss - but then - I like moss :-) 
The dining room has been so warm we have had the doors open while we work on laptops or read the paper..... 
and today's sunset :-)

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  1. I'd settle for moss at this point! We have dirt and sand care of one hot summer and a dog who races round like a mad thing churning up everything in his path! Today, however, we have blessed mud since the heat broke with a gorgeous thunderstorm in the early AM! Since Kenzie is current outside in said mud I guess I'm going to be washing both the dog and the post dog-apocalyptic bathroom this eve :)