Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cloudy and cool again today.

A wet and windy day... all day it was rainy - heavy showers and windy... then about 7.30pm  it seemed to lighten  and I decided to head out for a walk.
 The Cot Valley is fast becoming a favourite evening walk... and it rained on me as I walked down but then it was simply gorgeous... high tide and big waves. The rumbling grumble of the huge round stones on the sea floor was accompanied by the crashing waves and that special late evening light. 

 It was lovely to sit and watch the waves and birds - as I headed back the showers were beginning to line up again and as I looked back from the Carn this was the view. It is fascinating watching the seagulls all head for the sun about 9 o'clock in the evening - and they fly silently... so different to their usual raucous cries.
Shower heading for Land's End

 The winds have been northerly rather than south westerly so it has been much colder than usual for May - folk talk of Spring being 3 weeks late. Whatever... it is a simply beautiful time to be here.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The sun comes up at about 5.20 and today was perfect :-) I had thought it's be best to rest today but decided that a gentle walk with Alison would do me much more good. We met about 10.30 and walked over the fields to Nanjulian and out on to the cliffs. 

A field of daisies :-)
 The hedgerows and fields are an absolute delight with foxgloves now just showing colour.. as we walk we chatter about all sorts - trying to identify flowers and birds (we need you Bears!) we talk of shared interests and the like. Alison had had an operation on her knee earlier in the year so we avoid difficult inclines and the like which suits me fine. The tide was the lowest she had seen, the reef between the headland and The Brisons was even visible.

 When we got back I popped home to pick up Keith's book because I thought her husband Stephen might enjoy it - he is very poorly but retains an interest in everything. The nurse was just leaving and he fell asleep in the chair - it is a difficult time.
If my insides allow I am going up to Bedford on Friday and going on up to see Meriel the following week. Keeping fingers crossed that taking my tablets will sort me out :-)
Beautiful Saturday... glorious sunrise and a beautiful day - played golf this morning with three new-to-me ladies who were lovely. Two had been teachers and the third a lovely Scottish lady; the course is challenging and a lot shorter than Pavenham so we are done and dusted in about 3 hours. It was a fun format with players taking alternate shots - and I put my partner in some very interesting positions! 

 When golf was over I had an appointment at the bank in Penzance and while I was there I visited a nice Chinese food shop! Bought some Pak Choi, bean sprouts and black beans in a chilli sauce and I a delicious tea! It was fun sitting outside in the sun cutting everything up - thought Jac would have been proud of me!
 The sunset was gorgeous :-)

A wet and very chilly day - January temperatures apparently!
Unfortunately my Crohn's type problem has returned - I knew things weren't quite right - so had an easy day today... pottering in my kitchen finding places for things :-) I feel fine and hope that it will clear quickly - it's not surprising really when I think of the physical demands of the last few months - not to mention the anxiety/stress side. 

A lovely day - sun, wind and half a round of golf... lovely :-)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bridie's Birthday
It dawned, as you see, with low cloud. I spent the morning 'pottering' in the kitchen, going through some of the cupboards and moving things about. It was gentle and relaxing after yesterday's long walk. I visited the library and registered with them and have taken out a couple of books - one about the ancient history of the Land's End area so I am doing some reading!
It was good to have a restful day :-)
Keith is back from Poland and is in a Band B till he can move into his flat.
21st... after the cloudy start it remained overcast and then turned out a most wonderful sunset. I retraced the steps Alison and I had taken on Sunday... these are some of the places and things I loved :-)

Tregeseal Stone Circle

Carn Kenidjack

My lunch stop

Old and new!

Carn Kenidjack 

A pool on the moor

Nancherrow Valley - Arsenic and Tin mining - the retored chimney is  stunning.
 The walk was about 61/2 miles... trying to reach the Carn itself was interesting as the paths all seem to lead around it rather than to it and I did go round in circles at on point! I want to go up again soon as I missed the holed stones and barrows that are also there. I was quite tired by the evening but there was a wonderful sunset. It was Rosie's funeral today and it seemed quite appropriate - the sunset took your breath away.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cloudy start... 

Monday morning... a cloudy day... I had to stay in for a BT delivery and began to feel quite cold...  a nice leek and bacon quiche (bit size) helped sort that out and in the afternoon I wrapped up warm and walked down to the Cot Valley.
Cloudy sunrise
For the geographers among you... 

Porth Nanven 

 The phone does really well with these little pictures... 

It was simply stunning... in the valley itself it was warm and the paths full of flowers - Campion, Bluebell, Buttercups, Cow Parsley, Alexanders... and a host of others... and I needed Big A and Jeannie there to identify and help with some and some birds... I am getting to like this rather more gentle way of life :-)
Keith has been away in Poland for a few days - it has helped to have a break away from the pressure on selling and buying - he is hoping to exchange on his flat next Friday. I am waiting to hear of progress on mine too.
A cloudy I was walking with Alison. The clouds dispersed as the day progressed and we set off about 10.45, we walked down across into Tregeseal Valley and up on to the Stone Circle. I didn't take any pictures but will on a different day. We then skirted the Carn itself and walked toward the sea, crossing through Truthwall  and back up the Tregeseal Valley, across the fields and past the church to the pub where we had a refreshing cider. 
The Cherry in the Churchyard
 Alison is good company and we had fun trying to identify plants and birds... the views were wonderful and in the evening I marvelled at the beautiful sunset :-)