Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday sunrise - a misty day.
I have come down to the Hotel to use the internet - they are so welcoming here :-) This morning I decided to go for a walk... and as I set off a lady came out of her cottage in front of me... we got talking and we walked together. It was lovely to meet one of my neighbours - her husband is on the last stages of cancer so it is a difficult time - she came back in for coffee and left with a proposition that we should walk together from time to time :-) Alison is her name and she was also very welcoming.

Well I've been sat here for over an hour updating blog and checking emails etc... I think I'll walk back home then go out again down to the sea... 

It feels like I've come home :-)


  1. Lovely :) :)

    Bridgie xx

  2. We've been waiting for your news. So glad everything is going so well. The Everhot seems great, really pricey to buy new. Glad the flowers arrived we thought yellow to go with your kitchen cupboards. Tilt and turn windows, we are getting ours all replaced soon. Enjoy unpacking and settling in. xx

  3. Dearest Ruthie,
    Can't wait till we can visit you there one day . . .
    Keep posting when you have the chance, you are in our thoughts.
    Enjoy nesting,
    x x x