Tuesday, May 7, 2013

...before sunrise... 

 This seemed a fitting picture to mark Rosie's passing - her good friends on the green..
 And then some packing... 
 and my car!
Early start tomorrow ...


  1. Drive carefully! We're with you in spirit.

  2. Hi Ruthie,

    Sorry about Rosie. I know what you mean about perspective but sometimes things just seem to add more weight to everything. Wishing you safe travels, warm toes and a light heart.

    I hope you had good side mirror visibility on your car!!

    Much love-

    Us 3 <3

  3. Hope you have a safe and uneventful drive to St Just and are soon established at no. 18. Thinking of you and just wish I could drop in and do some unpacking for you. xx

  4. oh my - been there but not on my own. dont rush to get things straight - you will be exhausted and put things in the wrong place and have to move them all again. wishing you every happiness - a new book rather than a new chapter. all our love