Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sunrise in Bridgie's bedroom
Most of our rooms are empty now.
 Keith slept in Phil's room last night as he is taking Phil's bed; all his other stuff is in the sitting room.
I slept in Bridgie's room, we are leaving her bed for our buyers; all my stuff is in the garage bar one or two things. 
It seems strange. 
I am going on Wednesday - Keith and Ian  (cricket colleague) are moving me - (I may have said this already) Keith will come back here till the sale is complete - the solicitor has not been speedy with her dealings and it has been hugely frustrating - particularly for our buyers who have two mortgages to balance while thy're waiting to move in.
I spoke with Hugh (my seller) today and he has just about sorted everything - laid the fire ready for me, and moved his stuff. He and his wife are leaving their little tv which is all set up... and when I'm there I'll probably buy it from them. I expect the solicitor will be equally slow with my purchase  but we can always hope.
This has been a mammoth task... and it is almost complete - I must admit to feeling very tired and I know I'm getting tetchy...  Lovely Bridgie is coming back tomorrow to say goodbye to the house; she is staying at a friend's - it will seem very strange for her.

Sadly our golfing friend died today - very very sad...

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