Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The sun comes up at about 5.20 and today was perfect :-) I had thought it's be best to rest today but decided that a gentle walk with Alison would do me much more good. We met about 10.30 and walked over the fields to Nanjulian and out on to the cliffs. 

A field of daisies :-)
 The hedgerows and fields are an absolute delight with foxgloves now just showing colour.. as we walk we chatter about all sorts - trying to identify flowers and birds (we need you Bears!) we talk of shared interests and the like. Alison had had an operation on her knee earlier in the year so we avoid difficult inclines and the like which suits me fine. The tide was the lowest she had seen, the reef between the headland and The Brisons was even visible.

 When we got back I popped home to pick up Keith's book because I thought her husband Stephen might enjoy it - he is very poorly but retains an interest in everything. The nurse was just leaving and he fell asleep in the chair - it is a difficult time.
If my insides allow I am going up to Bedford on Friday and going on up to see Meriel the following week. Keeping fingers crossed that taking my tablets will sort me out :-)


  1. Dearest Ruthie,
    Am sorry to hear you aren't feeling 100%. I hope the tablets help and you have a lovely time with Fav GG?
    Next time you walk with Alison, you tell her that your niece in Tasmania is thinking of her and her husband. I'm so glad you are there to go walking with her. Perfect timing . . .
    Sounds like the new "golf gals" are fun, how long did the old course take? I know nothing about golf!
    I'm having a very dull time marking essays while Jac is away. Can't wait till I'm finished, but it was my last day teaching for semester so that is something!
    Thanks for the lovely photos, and I know Jac will be very impressed with your Chinese dinner.
    Much love,

  2. Thanks for the update and more lovely photos. Hope you are back to full health very soon, it's not surprising things flared up with all these major changes in your life. I think moving house is second on the list of most stressful things to happen in life. Glad the golf is fun. xx