Sunday, May 12, 2013

Moving Day! Final Morning.. we were up early and after squeezing in the duvet and pillows I set off just after 6am... Keith and Ian following about half an hour later. 
 The journey was fine though the drizzle of the early morning stayed most of the way. When I arrived in St Just it was pouring down but Viv in the estate agents said that it was due to be dry later. And so it turned out. I unloaded most of the car in the damp, but when Keith and I an arrived it was dry and turned into a simply glorious afternoon and evening.
The 'boys' did a brilliant job of unpacking and after checking them into the hotel I took them down to Cape Cornwall. It was looking beautiful in the sun and wind... we had a meal together at the hotel in the eve and then I returned home for my first night in the cottage :-) 
Sunset from my bedroom

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