Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A wet and windy day... all day it was rainy - heavy showers and windy... then about 7.30pm  it seemed to lighten  and I decided to head out for a walk.
 The Cot Valley is fast becoming a favourite evening walk... and it rained on me as I walked down but then it was simply gorgeous... high tide and big waves. The rumbling grumble of the huge round stones on the sea floor was accompanied by the crashing waves and that special late evening light. 

 It was lovely to sit and watch the waves and birds - as I headed back the showers were beginning to line up again and as I looked back from the Carn this was the view. It is fascinating watching the seagulls all head for the sun about 9 o'clock in the evening - and they fly silently... so different to their usual raucous cries.
Shower heading for Land's End

 The winds have been northerly rather than south westerly so it has been much colder than usual for May - folk talk of Spring being 3 weeks late. Whatever... it is a simply beautiful time to be here.

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