Saturday, June 29, 2013

The view of the new housing from my sitting room window yesterday...

Foggy again today... I went down to the hotel to watch the Lions match - so exciting - hope we can beat you Aussies in the final one!
 After watching some tennis I thought I'd better stretch my legs and experiment with my camera rather than my phone for pics, to see if I could upload them... and I can... so below are some misty pictures taken with my little camera... and they are easy to upload on to the blog... hooray!

A wonderful garden in the Cot Valley.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Foggy morning... and it remained so most of the day - lifting a bit from time to time then coming down again...
 The solicitor phoned me in the morning to say the house purchase was complete :-) I have my own little bit of Cornwall now which I am willing to share with anyone who would like to come and stay :-) 
My celebratory champagne!
        One of the golf ladies (who lives in Pavenham) gave me a bottle of her favourite champagne on my birthday. They go to visit France  each year and collect the special brew from his vineyard - so I felt very honoured to have been given it. Jan said to keep it till I was in Cornwall - and I have kept it till the house was all signed and sealed... and it tastes lovely :-)
I haven't worked out how to upload pictures on to the blog using Windows 8 yet but I'm sure I'll learn... this is from my old laptop :-)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

No pic today - just because I haven't learnt how to fetch it from my phone - have uploaded lots but not the one I wanted!!!
The roof structures have continued, I have lost the view of church tower from my downstairs but upstairs can still see the sea :-)
This new laptop is lovely... it will just take me a while to get the hang of all the new-fangled devices but I love the touchscreen :-)

my disappearing church tower...

Moved the sofa around... 

My new amazing laptop  (that I can't upload pic on to blog from!!  YET!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Foggy early morning!
 Over the last few days the builders have put together the roof timbers - like a kit - it was fascinating! Then... they picked up the assembled roof... put it on the ground... lifted in the walls... and then put the roof back on top!

It will affect my view but I will get used to it - hopefully I should still be able to see the church tower and definitely the sea...  I exchanged contracts today :-)
My first visitors from Pavenham came today :-)

Chris is the lovely lady who cut my hair for me... and Andy is one of the two who looked at the survey and helped me decide on not going for the shop. 
They were staying at Mullion and came over to see me via a visit to St Ives.
I met up with them in the car park and off we set to come up to the cottage... but there seemed to be a traffic jam... then people were standing in the road taking pictures... so Chris got out to investigate... here is her picture!
Main street in St Just.. very close to the shop I was interested in!
 Instead of going  home I took them to the Cot Valley, then up on the headland above, and then to Cape Cornwall. We had a cuppa at the golf club and then they came back to my house to have a look :-)

It had been an eventful time ... and apparently I wore them out -- there's a message there somewhere... !! Unfortunately the weather closed in a bit so the views were not as spectacular as they can be ... but they got the idea! :-)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Happy Birthday morning to Phil... the sun is that mark to the left of the telegraph pole - it was orange and bigger than it looks here :-) Money moved today to buy the house... and I've seen a new laptop that I am very tempted by... hopefully will make using this a lot easier and quicker :-) 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

A cloudy start turned into a glorious day - strong wind and beautiful sunshine.

 I had two walks today, in the late morning I walked down to Cape, across this lovely field and then along the track down to the headland itself. It was glorious. A day for gannets too :-)

Later I walked down the Cot valley and it was so beautiful - here are some pictures for you to share it with me.

                                                                4.23 am!
Spent much of today in Penzance sorting out money matters - and more to do on Monday!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer solstice but no view of the sunrise :-(
 The early fog cleared :-) I posted off the signed documents so am hoping to complete by next weekend if all goes well. Had a bad headache all day today but still am feeling better than I have been and had a lovely little walk out... sat on the headland above Cot valley with the view towards Land's End.
My spot to take a rest :-)

With this view :-)
Spent a while on the phone trying to help Gma with the i pad - it seems to have frozen on a sent email and nothing seemed to work to sort it. Have suggested switching whole thing off and starting over... she definitely sent the email... it came 12 times to my Inbox! She does really well with the i pad and is gaining confidence with it but then something like this happens and it worries her again. I'm sure others have had the same or similar problems.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Almost summer solstice... 
 Today the house buying progressed with the arrival of the documents. Just a couple of things which are outstanding but should be fairly easily sorted and then full steam ahead :-) 
A little anxious about speaking too soon but have been feeling a little better over the last two days. I've put myself on a fairly strict diet of rice, chicken, white toast and a banana - with peppermint tea! For the first time in a while I actually wanted to do things yesterday and sorted out a few little things in the house. Feeling the same today... so am hoping meds are beginning to work but I presume nothing! :-)
The documents for house!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Another cloudy start but today cleared into a beautiful blue-skied afternoon 
 I have put up the painting that Tom and Barbara gave me (Tom painted it in Van Gogh style) which reminds me of Seychelles - I always loved it :-)  I've also put up the 'old' map of Cornwall - 1960 so its not really old is it?

 This rose has just begun to flower - smells gorgeous :-)

 The Carn is clothed in foxgloves :-)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

This cloudy morning turned into foggy one, and then the cloud lifted and the sun even shone for a while.

Yesterday, when I got home from my rainy trip to Penzance to get a photo done for my driving licence, a little  parcel was awaiting me :-) It brought a big smile to my face :-)

 What a brilliant pressie :-) Thank you Hilary - it's perfect and I look forward to doing these very soon.
The building work continues across the road... I'm sure little people would love watching the crane and digger in action.