Monday, June 10, 2013

Another stunning sunrise - 5.03 again! Today I was travelling up to Bedford but had to wait till 11.30 before setting off as had to collect some medication from the Pharmacy. the end of half-term week... travelling up country from Cornwall - not ingredients for an easy drive. However, when I came to a standstill for the second time on the journey I decided to leave the motorway and use the A roads. This was lovely and I drove through some wonderful countryside heading to Bath via Stratton on the Fosse - "Ice cold n Alex" was how I remembered it!
 I found Keith's apartment fairly easily and I was able to park outside. he had just waved goodbye to the removal/storage men so after picking up some tea bags from the Tesco express just up the road I saw the flat.  And it is lovely!
Keith outside No10!
 Needless to say there were boxes everywhere but that couldn't change the fact that it is a lovely flat in a super location.  Below is the view from his bed up to the hills of Combe Down. The gardens are fabulous and the terrace itself is stunning.
 Keith's main living room is light and airy. It has a kitchen area, dining, and sitting area and is lovely. With tea bag in hand Keith said... there's a mug in one of these boxes.. and he eventually found it!  (It was a good cup of tea)

View across road to Keith's shared garden

The Abbey
The views from his windows are of green trees and lovely buildings. He is 5 minutes from either countryside or centre of town.. 
I was keen to get on to Bedford  (I had hoped to be there by 6pm... but didn't get to Bath till about 5!).. in the end I didn't arrive at Gill's in Felmersham till 9pm but the stop in Bath was well worth it. 


  1. What a nice flat. How many bedrooms?

  2. Can we have an address (maybe not the number)? Then we can have a wander around in Google Street View, as we do in St Just!