Friday, June 28, 2013

Foggy morning... and it remained so most of the day - lifting a bit from time to time then coming down again...
 The solicitor phoned me in the morning to say the house purchase was complete :-) I have my own little bit of Cornwall now which I am willing to share with anyone who would like to come and stay :-) 
My celebratory champagne!
        One of the golf ladies (who lives in Pavenham) gave me a bottle of her favourite champagne on my birthday. They go to visit France  each year and collect the special brew from his vineyard - so I felt very honoured to have been given it. Jan said to keep it till I was in Cornwall - and I have kept it till the house was all signed and sealed... and it tastes lovely :-)
I haven't worked out how to upload pictures on to the blog using Windows 8 yet but I'm sure I'll learn... this is from my old laptop :-)


  1. Congratulations on purchasing the house, but I would recommend you don't drink the whole bottle! xx

  2. It'll last me about 4 days I expect :-)'s very nice and I slept well last night! xx