Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My first visitors from Pavenham came today :-)

Chris is the lovely lady who cut my hair for me... and Andy is one of the two who looked at the survey and helped me decide on not going for the shop. 
They were staying at Mullion and came over to see me via a visit to St Ives.
I met up with them in the car park and off we set to come up to the cottage... but there seemed to be a traffic jam... then people were standing in the road taking pictures... so Chris got out to investigate... here is her picture!
Main street in St Just.. very close to the shop I was interested in!
 Instead of going  home I took them to the Cot Valley, then up on the headland above, and then to Cape Cornwall. We had a cuppa at the golf club and then they came back to my house to have a look :-)

It had been an eventful time ... and apparently I wore them out -- there's a message there somewhere... !! Unfortunately the weather closed in a bit so the views were not as spectacular as they can be ... but they got the idea! :-)


  1. Goodness! Looks like a shot from a disaster movie. We assume they got them un-jammed eventually?

    1. They did - but I took Chris and Andy to Cot Valley and Cape first and by the time we were passing through all had been sorted :-)

    2. And... there was a twitcher on cape with an amazing bit of kit - he said worth about £3000 and he was watching a flock of choughs... at least 6 and he let us look through his monocular (don't know if that is the right word? Great to see a flock of them :-)