Monday, June 10, 2013

WELL HELLO!!!!!!!!!!
I have internet at home! So I am sat on my sofa with tennis on TV and a fog drawing in outside so I am going to do some catching up!
I know there are some folk who are joining the 'reading of the blog' for the first time so I hope I don't bore you too much. As a quick catch up I have taken a photo of the sunrise each morning since the beginning of the year... and I hope to continue doing that. 
5.03 in the morning looking north

Same time but sun well hidden
 Thursdays are the informal golf morning for the ladies when we play 9 holes. I played with a 'new to me' lady called Pam who was good company - my golf wasn't good but it was a glorious day and lovely to be out.
Later Alison came for coffee - for those who are new - she is a lovely walking buddy - her husband is very poorly with cancer.
The sunset was stunning!

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  1. Well welcome back. So glad you are connected. I will be a daily visitor to your blog. Just not sure where to put my comments when there are so many entries. Did it feel like home coming through your front door? Vinyl is being laid today in bathroom.