Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fasten your seat belts... this was a long day!
I set off early from York... empty roads and a lovely sunrise. It is a straightforward drive down to Bath... nearly all motorway though I chose to cut across the 'corner' and avoid Bristol. I got there about 9 and that included a few stops.
Leaving York about 4.30 am

Sun rising...

 And this is why it was worth doing... Keith happily settled in his flat with his cheerful new sofas :-)

Keith piled his cardboard from his unpacking into the car and took it off to the tip... and then did a second trip with some other things. It gave me the chance to have some a rest and some breakfast. It was really good to see the flat like this - when I'd called in on the way up it was full of boxes so it was lovely to see it like this.
I continued my journey at about one pm and got home to St Just at about 5. The journey had been good with very few hold ups. It had been a beautiful day as well which helped of course!
I was too tired to venture down to the sea but I went up on to the Carn and thought I'd treat you to a 360 view. If I was clever I could probably put these together but Iyou'll have to do that in your mind's eye :-)
Looking roughly North
Moving clockwise... the long low thing on the left is a water reservoir..

Towards Chapel Carn Brea

Towards the airfield and Sennen

Land's End and sunset
Looking towards the Cot Valley

Just about due West

Over  Cape Cornwall and St Just 

St Just  towards Botallack

Back to Carn Bosavern.

 It was a very long day but had been well worth doing. It was great to see Keith unpacked in his flat and Grandma... especially getting good with the ipad.


  1. d stuff! Smart flat, but I think I prefer the view from the Carn

  2. Grrrr. That should be "Good stuff"!