Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Same time same place!

Gill's neighbour's house - the Old Bakery :-)
Early morning saw Gill set off for work (to the Alzheimer's society) and me heading over the the Golf Club. Today was the playing of The Wildflower Trophy.  Last year we had played a competition to mark the Jubilee -  the trophy was re-named (my choice!) and the Wildflower trophy was up and running - it is a team competition. After meeting everyone early I dashed to Sainsbury to stock up with some supplies then headed back to the course. Lee kindly allowed me use of a buggy to take the refreshments around to the ladies who were playing. In the end I parked at the 9th tee and waited for them all to pass me... the buggy was great until I went over a bump when it simply stopped. I perched on the edge of the seat, anxiously waiting for it to start again... and each time felt it wasn't going to make it, but it did. After three unscheduled stops I felt safer staying in one place.
Anyway, it was a chance for me to speak to all the ladies and distract them with fruit, chocolate and drink (of various sorts!). Another quick dash back to Felmersham followed as Hilary had picked me a wonderful bouquet of her wildflowers which I put in the trophy vase. They were perfect :-)

I couldn't stay for the ladies to finish so got back in the car and headed north up the A1 to York. A really pleasant drive and spent the evening with Grandma. 

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