Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer solstice but no view of the sunrise :-(
 The early fog cleared :-) I posted off the signed documents so am hoping to complete by next weekend if all goes well. Had a bad headache all day today but still am feeling better than I have been and had a lovely little walk out... sat on the headland above Cot valley with the view towards Land's End.
My spot to take a rest :-)

With this view :-)
Spent a while on the phone trying to help Gma with the i pad - it seems to have frozen on a sent email and nothing seemed to work to sort it. Have suggested switching whole thing off and starting over... she definitely sent the email... it came 12 times to my Inbox! She does really well with the i pad and is gaining confidence with it but then something like this happens and it worries her again. I'm sure others have had the same or similar problems.

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