Monday, June 10, 2013

Early morning at Gill's... I was amazed at how green and lush everything was :-) Gill's hospitality was perfect - we had lazy coffees and a long breakfast! Just what the doctor ordered after the long day yesterday!

During the afternoon I went back to Pavenham to pick up some packing that I had had to leave behind. Dear Alice had kindly stored them - it was lovely to see her and the children - Heron House was not being lived in but had the builders in.  
Alice and Paul are good friends and I hope that Sarah, John and  little Juliette will make lovely neighbours for them when they've moved in.   Alice has a wonderful eye for colour and line and has done a gorgeous job of creating a lovely home; I enjoyed watching the children play, Cleo was doing wonders with stickers and young Oscar showed me his golfing skills on the lawn. 
In the evening it was June's 50th birthday party :-) June has been an inspiration over the last twelve months or so as she has battled with breast cancer. It is brilliant to see her so well and happy and we had a lovely evening with family and friends. It's also great to see her back on the golf course... I'm expecting great things of her this year!   

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