Sunday, March 18, 2012

Captain Pugwash?

Saturday was the initiation of the new captains at the golf club... we played a competition first, then had the 'Drive in'
Seemed appropriate - borrowed from Tim!

The aim is to raise money for the charity that we have selected for the year, which for Trace and I is the East Anglian Air Ambulance.
Trace, Ryan and Yours Truly!

Suitably kitted out (and joined by the Juniors' Captain) we each hit a drive as far as possible... with fellow golfers having guessed where our tee shots may end up, with prizes for the closest. At a pound a square this is a good fund raiser :-)
But the Drive is not without its distractions!

Welcome Lady Captain!
Buckets of water scooped from the nearby pond... leaves and all... are used to make you feel at home!

It was actually great fun... we raised over £300 on the day, and the best bit? I hit my drive further than the men!  (Mind you... they did have rather more water thrown at them!)

So all is done and dusted now and we can get on with the year proper... it looks very busy on the calendar... and hopefully will be full of golfing fun!