Thursday, August 1, 2013


Monday, July 29, 2013


I have created a new website... I so enjoyed doing the one for the ladies and it gives me a bit more space than the blog so if you're interested have a look at the following link. I shall still update the blog with the evening pics etc. But eventually it may take this blogs place - I'll see how it goes :-)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

A series of tonight's sunset... looking West it was clear and beautiful - looking South Land's End became shrouded in a rain storm... 

Storm coming!
I got back to the car as the first raindrops fell and by the time I got back to the cottage it was torrential!
Today I played golf again - 18 holes this time and managed fine so feel as though I am getting back on track now  - thank you everyone for your thoughts :-) 

This evening I went to Alison's neighbour Judith's for a birthday pizza. It is Alison's birthday tomorrow and I really should have taken some pics of the amazing pizzas that Judith's brother and partner made for us - they sere superb :-) 

 As I walked home I liked the little cloud in the distance... looked like a little dragon :-)

Friday, July 26, 2013

...want to share this with you - I was just at my gate to walk up on to the Carn to take a picture of the evening sun when my phone rang.  Bridgie calling to say she'd sent me a  link via fb to the launch of the satellite that her company were doing ."It's launching in 10 minutes Mum" ...made me run back inside and share the moment with her - it was very exciting on a live feed :-)

Bridgie's CEO

 It was very exciting :-) I also managed to get this lovely sky :-)  (and I managed to get these pics off my phone on to new computer! Not quite certain how I did it but hopefully will remember!)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The sunset, evening of 20th :-)
 I must admit to spending most of Sunday in front of tv and laptop with the culmination of the Tour and also The Open... what a lazy day... and a pretty sunset to finish :-)
Tour end!
Sunday's sunset 21st
22nd... a cloudy end to the day

23rd... playing an evening 9 and eating a meal together with a mixed group

Wet sunset 24th

Just sat trying to update this - started in my spare room sitting on the bed with the window open looking out onto my garden in the sunshine but internet started to play up on this old laptop (can't use my new one with the phone  camera). I have been feeling much better over the last week - body seems to have responded to the meds :-) I am very thankful :-)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lafrowda Day
An entertainer practising before all the crowds appear :-)

The Children's Parade

Hysterical Histories was the theme ...
 And later the Community Parade... much work had gone into these.
I felt for one group who had made a wonderful viking ship... it was a brilliant idea on paper... but walking in it/carrying when able to only take tiny steps because of the design, made it such hard work. But it was amazing - you can just see it below... they were from a local school.

Unfortunately my proper camera has a 'lens error' :-(  it's been playing up for a while :-( so since yesterday I have had to go back to my phone again...
Lafrowda Eve... bands in the Market Square... :-)  lots of people... I walked down towards Cape... I could hear the music clearly from here too!
This wonderful cloud formation looked like an angel to me :-)

 And the sunset was simply stunning... again :-)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

More summer :-) 
Today I went up to Truro to play golf at Killiow - near Kea. I went with a fair degree of trepidation as I had felt so worn out on Monday and Tuesday, but it proved to be ok.

Kea Church

 It was good fun and the format we played made it a bit quicker... and I felt ok which was a great relief! I shall see how I feel tomorrow but have fingers crossed... :-)

Felt so much better today - did some cleaning and tidying of my kitchen and moved a couple of things. Keith had had a good time at Grandma's - she was looking really well when we skyped :-)

Another gorgeous summer's day - but still so tired I did nothing!!

The 5 hours of golf in the sun took its toll and today I felt very very tired... so I read books and rested :-)
and visited some new friends who gave me iced coffee!!! Excellent but not quite to your standard Jac!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

This morning the sky was blue here-but down by the sea there was a sea mist and the fog horn was going.

 Here are a couple from pics on my phone of the Brisons and Cape  shrouded in mist.
I played 18 holes in hot sun and felt very tired for the last 6 but managed to complete them!Must admit my joints ache a bit now!
Then there was a perfomance in the Plen for Lafrowda  with a brilliant Ceilidh band and dances performed with lots of folk joined in. Looks a bit empty in the pic but there were lots there :-)

 ...and then this evening the sea mist enveloped almost everything - no sign of the sunset tonight.

Saturday, July 13, 2013



 Summer is still here :-) This afternoon I walked down the Cot Valley and had a dip in the sea here. I found a little bit of sand this time - it was low tide - and I floated happily for a while. It was fairly cold... and I would never risk swimming far out when I don't know the seas here... but floating in the shallows was lovely :-)
 Someone had made this... perched on a big rock...the moon was faintly visible behind it but it doesn't show on the photo.
 Walking back up from Porth Nanven I walked with a lady visiting from Germany and we arrived at the bus stop just as her Open Top Bus arrived... she had walked form Porthcurno and was heading back to Penzance.

 ... and the sunset?  Stunning :-)