Monday, July 29, 2013


I have created a new website... I so enjoyed doing the one for the ladies and it gives me a bit more space than the blog so if you're interested have a look at the following link. I shall still update the blog with the evening pics etc. But eventually it may take this blogs place - I'll see how it goes :-)


  1. Looks great, but where can we paste our facetious comments??

    Maybe you're trying to escape them :-)

    We helped an old chap with an overgrown garden on Saturday, and he had a Kernow sticker on his car! Never did find out why.

  2. You Guessed!!!
    But you're right - and that is half the fun ... maybe I could add a comments page but it won't be the same as the comments get sent direct to my email! Ah... they do a blog page so maybe I'll try that and see if you can write on there... I'll explore - hadn't thought about comments I must admit!