Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th July

At 8pm I set off for the sun! I had been in most of the day and after fog till about lunch time it turned into a glorious day. I walked down to Cape an d the sun gave a rich warm glow to the landscape and made Land's End and Longships look close even though it probably doesn't seem like it in the photo :-)
Land'sEnd and Longships

Shadow of Cape on the cliffs :-)
 I feel so fortunate to live in this wonderful place... 

I walked back at about 9.15. I sat a moment on a stone seat and as I watched the waves I spotted a fin... then another ... and another... I was so excited (sloping seas...) you may not be able to see them but I tried to catch the fins as they came out of the water. I'm not sure which they were porpoises or dolphins but it was wonderful to watch them. They moved so fast across the little bay... heading north... at least 6 possibly 8 or nine - what  a treat :-)
 I hastened home stopping briefly  for a couple more pics of the sunset...

 And to show you this wonderful hedge ... 
 The man who built this lives down round the corner from me and it has been amazing to watch him at work.
When all the stones were in place he laid a length of turf along the top - upside down. This he beat into place to give a strong sort of webbing... he infilled the top with soil then lay over the turf on the top. He told me the upside down turf helps knit it together and the very edge grass will grow upwards. A  fascinating, skillful man.

I was also pleased to see something else... the Junior school have an Open Day tomorrow. I have been wanting to pop in and say hello but wasn't sure quite how to do it so this seems a perfect opportunity :-)
About 9.45pm


  1. Thanks for lovely post. I've been meaning to remind you about basking sharks; they should be around soon, but they won't be moving that fast!

  2. What a wonderful hedge, you will enjoy looking at it each time you walk past and notice the little plants, like penny royal, making their home in it. We saw a little pod of dolphins on our walk on Sunday arvo. I'm resolved to take the camera out on my morning walks. xx

  3. Super Ruthie, what lovely photos. Thanks for sharing.