Friday, July 5, 2013

5th July

David quoted recently "Last Summer was on a Thursday"... well this summer was a Friday :-) Clear blue skies all day... simply gorgeous. 
This morning I went to the local primary school for their Open Day. What a lovely little school it is. I watched the Key Stage One assembly with each year group participating - then after a quick break it was the turn of KS2. These were great. I spoke to the Head afterwards and may go and do some voluntary helping come September. It seemed a very happy place with about 180 children... much more manageable than Lincrofts 800 odd!
I went with Alison to lunch with one of her friends, she is coming to funeral on Tuesday and is in Alison's book group so it was good to meet her. The afternoon was spent watching Wimbledon... then, when Andy Murray's match was about to start I realised I'd had enough, so repeated yesterday's walk but an hour earlier.

The stone seat where I was a watcher yesterday :-)
View from the seat.

 It was beautifully  clear again..  I spoke to the Coastwatch chap but he didn't know about the porpoise/dolphins but, just as you said Big A, he did have a report of a basking shark during the day :-)

St Helen's Oratory

I loved this sky :-)

                        ... and this field... my house is on the hill, roughly where that grass below is pointing to!

 ... and then a beautiful sunset... about 9.30  and the one below about 9.45 :-)


  1. What a beautiful day. A wonderful view from your seat. St Helen's oratory were you joking? Will Murray win? Haven't watched any tennis as the Tour dominates. We record the stage over night and watch the next evening. xx

    1. I love the tour too... have it on on my laptop as can't get it on my tv...:-) Yes St Helen's Oratory :-)

  2. Gorgeous! We have rain, sleet and a power cut this morning. Thank goodness for the wood stove. Give the basking sharks my love.

  3. Once again beautiful photos. Ruthie you must think about selecting some as you go along to publish a book of photos when you have got about 5 years worth. I sure it would be a best seller!!!