Thursday, July 25, 2013

The sunset, evening of 20th :-)
 I must admit to spending most of Sunday in front of tv and laptop with the culmination of the Tour and also The Open... what a lazy day... and a pretty sunset to finish :-)
Tour end!
Sunday's sunset 21st
22nd... a cloudy end to the day

23rd... playing an evening 9 and eating a meal together with a mixed group

Wet sunset 24th

Just sat trying to update this - started in my spare room sitting on the bed with the window open looking out onto my garden in the sunshine but internet started to play up on this old laptop (can't use my new one with the phone  camera). I have been feeling much better over the last week - body seems to have responded to the meds :-) I am very thankful :-)


  1. Just starting to worry about you there. That's the trouble with being a frequent blogger: people worry when you don't.

    The end of the Tour was spectacular, eh?

    1. Yes.. sorry... it's my problem with getting photos from my phone to new laptop... which doesn't recognise them in correct form. I have to use old laptop which is so so slow and keeps freezing etc etc. Hoping to get my camera fixed or replaced then should be easier again...

  2. So pleased to hear that you are feeling better. What a good tour, we watched a lot of television. xx