Saturday, July 6, 2013

6th July

What a glorious day :-) I watched the first half of the Lions match at the local hotel who have Sky and then came back for a quiet sit and read on my sheltered patio... so warm I had the parasol up :-)
After a little walk with Alison, I decided to go down to Cape again.
St Just have a wonderful Cricket pitch - two in use in fact - a second beyond the hedge!
 I was going to go the same way as the last two days but something made me walk straight down the road this time... and I am so glad I did... :-) Dolphins - again! Another pod, 6-8, close in this time and one of them leaping high into the air! They moved so quickly again - I could never run fast enough to keep up with them. There's an airborne dolphin there if you can spot it!

Golf course.
...and at about 9.25pm... the sunset :-)


  1. Lovely pics and I can just make out the dolphin. I won't mention the rugby! xx

  2. Thanks again for the pictures. We can always fall back on the ultimate excuse: "It takes four countries to beat Australia", but in reality it's a pity the last game wasn't as close as the others.

  3. YES!!!! I found the dolphin tooo... Lovely pics.