Saturday, July 13, 2013



 Summer is still here :-) This afternoon I walked down the Cot Valley and had a dip in the sea here. I found a little bit of sand this time - it was low tide - and I floated happily for a while. It was fairly cold... and I would never risk swimming far out when I don't know the seas here... but floating in the shallows was lovely :-)
 Someone had made this... perched on a big rock...the moon was faintly visible behind it but it doesn't show on the photo.
 Walking back up from Porth Nanven I walked with a lady visiting from Germany and we arrived at the bus stop just as her Open Top Bus arrived... she had walked form Porthcurno and was heading back to Penzance.

 ... and the sunset?  Stunning :-)

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  1. Have you read "Waterlog" by Roger Deakin? Lovely book about wild swimming in Britain.