Tuesday, July 9, 2013

9th July

Still summer :-)
Today was Steven's funeral, and afterwards we went to Sennen to his favourite pub and had lunch and a little walk. It was beautiful.
Late this afternoon I wanted to have a walk; after sitting contemplating for a while I moved across the Cape to Priest's Cove which was a hive of activity :-)   
 ... the re were swimmers, fisherman, family bbqs... it was lovely
 ... I walked out onto the headland and the flock of 8 choughs flew by!

 ...this one stayed pecking here for ages..then flew on and joined his family...

I was disappointed that you couldn't see the red/orange on any of these pics... but they were...!
and the sunset :-)


  1. Good that it was such a lovely day for the funeral, and choughs. Such a wonderful sight. We saw two at Botallack. Tim keeps me up to date with the choughs news, they are doing well. Looking forward to seeing all these places with you, next year? xx
    I fotunately retread what I had written, auto correct wanted coughs!

    1. :-) coughs as well I'm sure!

      Yes would love to share these walks with you next year... :-) very much :-)

  2. The re-establishment of choughs is really wonderful. So good to have a success story in these times. I remember how disappointed I was as a kid visiting Cornwall when I realised they were extinct in the county. Give them my love.