Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lafrowda Day
An entertainer practising before all the crowds appear :-)

The Children's Parade

Hysterical Histories was the theme ...
 And later the Community Parade... much work had gone into these.
I felt for one group who had made a wonderful viking ship... it was a brilliant idea on paper... but walking in it/carrying when able to only take tiny steps because of the design, made it such hard work. But it was amazing - you can just see it below... they were from a local school.

Unfortunately my proper camera has a 'lens error' :-(  it's been playing up for a while :-( so since yesterday I have had to go back to my phone again...

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  1. A wonderful day for Lafrowda. What fun. It is so nice being part of a community celebration. Hope you were fit enough to enjoy it. Wet here today. xx