Thursday, December 22, 2011


...the first full day we spent with Phil we joined him at his football match. He helped manage the team and they are very skillful -

                                      Phil overseeing the match!
 - it was an amazing match but we didn't bring any luck unfortunately - a 3-2 loss! After the match we met up with his mates at the park, and then went for a pork galbi. This is a traditional Korean way of eating and it was so sociable. We were all (about 14 of us) sat around two big tables with a hot cooking plate in the middle

there are many side dishes and an abundance of meat. There was a lovely relaxed atmosphere and despite our jetlag, it was a lovely experience.

Some of Phil's footy mates, Alec on the left is travelling S America with Phil.

 We found that a routine soon emerged. We slept late each morning getting up about 11am, and then staying up till late at night, with me going to bed about 1.30 and Bridgie following about 4am! Once we were up, one of us would go and visit the local bakery "Paris Baguette" and buy a croissant or similar, and then we would set off exploring.

Gun mandu
There were several places we enjoyed eating, and this particular place was a real favourite where we were made very welcome. Gun mandu was delicious and if all else failed we would revert to this tasty bite!

This became one of our favourite watering holes.
One of our earliest days was spent in Suwon walking the fortress walls. Nick, one of Phil's good mates, offered to take us there on the bus which was brilliant and gave us confidence to get about on our own afterwards.

The Hwaseong Fortress Wall

...more soon :-)

Haven't got used to the new Blogger layout and tools so bear with me - I've added a jump break by mistake! Sorry! 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Korea - a taster!

Well... here you are.. first some pictures from the flight which was amazing - flying over the Himalayas. I was fascinated that on the screen in front of me I could see a map of where we were;
views forwards and down... and then I would go wandering from our seat and peek views through the little porthole windows at the back. Bridgie was in the window seat and in fairness, there was limit to the number of times I could lean across to look out!
The flight went via Abu Dhabi, which made it a little long, but it all went smoothly and Phil was there to meet us at the airport. Despite it being very late at night the place was alive and vibrant, with neon light everywhere. After a longish taxi ride we put our stuff down in the hotel and went out to meet Phil's friends in a local bar.
View from hotel window.
It was brilliant to see Phil and meet his friends and feel so welcome.
Here is an assortment of pics including an evening view over Yeongtong where we were staying, a wonderful cake-shop, and Phil and Bridgie chilling with all his mates in the park. It was the place to go after their football matches and many a happy hour was spent sitting chatting here.
More soon I hope ...

Monday, December 19, 2011



Such a long time since I wrote and I haven't written about Korea or Slovenia... I will but thought you'd like this little update.

Phil arrived safely back in UK on Friday afternoon, he will be home for 3 weeks and is then off travelling in S America, probably about 6 months then home for a bit and a possible return to Korea.

In fact, Friday 17th was such a lovely day - Bridgie and Tim have both had temporary jobs..
... first Tim heard he has got a job with Hy-pro a sports franchising company in Dunsatble. He has a few weeks trial and then if all goes well it will be permanent.

Within 15 minutes Bridgie received a phonecall from the CEO of a company (in Manchester) who she had contacted and had had an interview with the previous week... and they offered her a job too!

So we were almost walking on air!
Bridgie is now flat hunting; Tim will stay here for a bit longer; they both start at the beginning of January - can't think of a better Christmas present for them!

keith and I are fine, Meriel came down on Sunday so we now have a house full!

All for the moment...

Friday, September 30, 2011



Home again...

I've just sorted through the pics of S Korea...

about to go and play golf...

post coming soon!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011


We have had some wild weather recently... one day cool and wet, the next hot and windy.. weird combinations, seems totally unsettled! Golf has been demanding but good fun and quite successful. We have won the league - unofficial at the moment - also, we won a team competition in another tournament... the shield was enormous! This was a county competition which began in 1927 so we are very happy!
Bridgie and I are getting excited, we will be setting off for our visit to see Phil soon :-) Just getting things organised ready for packing. Will be lovely to see him, meet his friends and see where he's been living this past year. Will take pictures and will blog on return...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Bridgie's blog

Thought you might like to welcome Bridgie to the blogosphere :-)


Sunday, August 14, 2011


Not quite sure what's happened to the seasons this year... plums dropping off the tree... autumn fruiting raspberries are well and truly fruiting - and I saw folk picking blackberries a week ago!

Meriel's coming to stay this week - I'll try and get some pics taken to share with you :-) Then I must get the camera charged for Korea!

It's good to have Tim and Bridgie working - they both have temporary jobs and are now looking for permanent positions.

Keith has had a couple of adventures on his bike, he cycled up to Lincolnshire - visiting Skegness and Lincoln and villages en route. He described his evenings after a long bike ride as 'lying in his B&B room watching tv...' just like The Cornish Walker after a day's exertions! He also took his bike down to Brighton and then biked along the coast to Hastings and round - had a good time :-)

Tim and I have put the completion of the coast path on the back burner at the moment. Tim has had a couple of lovely trips over the summer and may be going back to Europe for more exploring. My (and Bridgie's) trip to see Phil is followed by a week in Slovenia with a lady from the golf club and that will take us to mid October... so we're both happy to leave the walk for the time being.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Bridgie's Graduation

:-) :-) :-)

Friday 15th July saw us setting off early to Manchester for Bridgie's Graduation... I thought you'd like a few pics :-)

Needless to say she looked gorgeous... our only disappointment was that Meriel wasn't able to join us as she was cruising the Norway coast..

Still... we entered into the spirit of it!

How embarrassing can parents be?!

Tim and Bridgie both have temporary jobs at the moment, Tim with a Highways Agency doing admin work, and Bridgie with Unilever - an office role as well. Both are glad to be in employment!

Bridgie and I are going out to see Phil in mid September for two weeks... we're really looking forward to that - Keith will be back in Addis then...

Saturday, May 14, 2011


I haven't really been asleep since February ... though it may look like that!

My time seems to have been taken up with other things for a while... a brief resume...

Back at the end of February Tim and I were preparing for the final stage of the coast path, with everything booked in advance (the only time we have done that!) when I developed a problem with my eye.
It turned out to be due to the natural aging process (posterior vitreous detachment but with a bleed) :-( and though a little distracting at the time with enforced total rest which I hated... everything is fine. Vision is slightly cloudly but I don't notice it unless I look for it! The hospital were superb and the consultant I saw - visiting from Cambridge - was excellent, giving great confidence. He gave me a heads up that the same thing will happen to the other other eye over the next few years and then they'll both be the same!! :-)
Anyway, all is well, but it meant that we had to postpone the walk! Hopefully October time now... Tim has taken himself off round Europe on the train and is having a wonderful time of cultural and scenic excess! He's having a great time:-)

Since then, Phil continues his teaching in Korea, Tim has gone to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam for a two month trip with a couple friends - enjoying it greatly I believe. And Bridgie is working hard, has completed her dissertation and is in the midst of revision. Then wondering what to do next?
Meriel came to stay over Easter and Keith was home for that week too, he is back in Ethiopia now till the beginning of June.

Jeannie and Alastair stayed for a few days on their Grand Tour, it was lovely to catch up again.
I've been immersed in golf stuff, playing lots and doing a website for the ladies and I guess keeping that up to date has taken over a bit from the blog... but I will get the rest of the walk done sometime.... honest!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dartmouth to Brixham (13th Oct)

I've just spent an hour and a half going through the pics of the next stage of the walk - that's the price of not writing it up straight away!!!!!

Anyway, I will include lots of pics and little writing so that you can whizz through them. I love these serviette holders...

We had been told, by several different people that we had met, that this section was absolutely stunning so our expectations were very high. We crossed the River Dart on that amazing ferry,

with the tugboat doing its dance!

Across to the colourful houses of Kinswear...


From here we walked out on to the cliff, which was good, but not quite the stunning scenery we were expecting.

The walking was quite strenuous with several deep valleys to cross...

Looking back at Scabbacombe - you can just see Tim!

Some trees ... :-)

... black sheep ...

Man Sands had a group of schoolchildren exploring the beach...
Man Sands
..we enjoyed this view back to Sharkham Point.
We had to include Trinity House's shortest lighthouse -
out on Berry Head, but still 190' above sea level!
There there was also this useful display explaining the landforms you can see across the bay to Torquay.
From here we headed down into Brixham.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Snowdon from Dinorwic
(The tiny little pyramid to the right of the main mass is actually the summit.)

I know it's been a while...

I've just got back from two weeks away. The first week was with a school on an activity week near Llanberis. We had almost 60 youngsters, 12-13yr olds, and it was amazing.
Stretched in every way... the highlight for me was going into a slate mine and having to use ropes etc to move along and between levels - it was fantastic! We also climbed Tryfan by the North Ridge in very strong winds... it was extremely challenging!

View from Tryfan-about half way up.

The weather was windy and wet mostly but it didn't really stop anything - the activites were adapted to it! A brilliant week but exhausting.

From there I went down to South Wales to the Gower and stayed at Caswell for the week. It was wonderful - you know I love this place :-) are some pics... I didn't go out a lot as I was so tired... but it's such a place that you don't really need to! This is looking through the window on the first morning I was there...
and there was a gentle sunset in the middle of the week...
I did make a little rock pile after Andy Goldsworthy... but did lots of reading and sorting of things on my laptop.
I'm now resting up for the final leg of The Walk... I'll try and write up the rest of it first... watch this space!
Keith has just got back from a three week trip to Ethiopia... I'm hoping he'll share some pictures with me because he had an amazing visit to the Mursi people... so definitely watch this space.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Start Point to Dartmouth (12 Oct)

Down Farm was the name of our B & B,

a lovely example of a Devon Longhouse where the people lived upstairs and the animals down below. There were gates across the wide steep stairs to stop the animals from encroaching. It was a working farm and a lovely place to stay, I loved these paintings on my bedroom wall...

There was also a lady staying who spent the evening drawing from a photo she'd taken. It was beautiful. Looking through her sketch book was such a delight... it made me want to pick up a pencil again - though it would be with nothing like the skill and finesse of this talented woman.

We set off after our usual excellent breakfast and headed for Hallsands

which was washed away after dredging for the construction of Devonport Dockyard back in 1890s led to a drop in beach level of 12' and the subsequent destruction of the original village. The new village perches similarly on this dramatic piece of coast.

From here though it became less dramatic, so much so that we caught the bus again. The path follows the road here for some way and moves inland, so we re-joined the path at Stoke Fleming (still inland), where the path gradually wends its way back to the sea and from here it was a short walk along to Dartmouth.
As far as walking goes this was a very quiet day. Dartmouth was interesting though, with some amazing buildings;
a barometer on a wall; a slightly terrifying car ferry; .which was fascinating to watch - (see below) - it was almost like a pair of dancers;

and lots of people, probably the busiest place we'd been in so far. Finding a B&B proved a little tricky, but we got there in the end and were able to enjoy long hot baths again!

The Ferry Dance

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Salcombe to Start Point (11th Oct)

I'm going to whisk you back to the coast for some more of the walk... we woke up to another beautiful day with blue skies and a strong easterly wind. Roger kindly drove us in to Salcombe so that we could catch the ferry across the river to East portlemouth to begin the next section.
The River at Salcombe

I was feeling very snuffly... I think this may be the reason...

when I came back upstairs after breakfast... the cat had disappeared... he was actually the lump under the duvet... As the day went on, my snuffles disappeared...

Today's walk took us along the coast as far as Start Point. I shall let the pictures speak for themselves - it was a glorious day.
Looking towards Prawle Point

Looking back at Gammon Head and beyond to Bolt Head

Looking onwards from Prawle point towards Start Point - lovely bit of raised beach!

Lannacombe Beach

The Pinnacles - "isolated stacks of glacial head on schist bases" :-)

Start Point
The Ridged back of Start Point

The View Beyond Start Point

So Far So Good - just look at those miles!

A final look back at Start Point