Tuesday, September 13, 2011


We have had some wild weather recently... one day cool and wet, the next hot and windy.. weird combinations, seems totally unsettled! Golf has been demanding but good fun and quite successful. We have won the league - unofficial at the moment - also, we won a team competition in another tournament... the shield was enormous! This was a county competition which began in 1927 so we are very happy!
Bridgie and I are getting excited, we will be setting off for our visit to see Phil soon :-) Just getting things organised ready for packing. Will be lovely to see him, meet his friends and see where he's been living this past year. Will take pictures and will blog on return...


  1. Congratulations on your wins. Have a safe and happy trip to Korea. Will be watching blog for news. We are just back from a week on lord Howe Island. Fantastic.

    Jeannie xx

  2. Ah, she got in first! I'll blog Lord Howe Island when I get a minute.

    Enjoy the Korean trip. We'll broadcast nice thoughts from Further South.