Thursday, December 22, 2011


...the first full day we spent with Phil we joined him at his football match. He helped manage the team and they are very skillful -

                                      Phil overseeing the match!
 - it was an amazing match but we didn't bring any luck unfortunately - a 3-2 loss! After the match we met up with his mates at the park, and then went for a pork galbi. This is a traditional Korean way of eating and it was so sociable. We were all (about 14 of us) sat around two big tables with a hot cooking plate in the middle

there are many side dishes and an abundance of meat. There was a lovely relaxed atmosphere and despite our jetlag, it was a lovely experience.

Some of Phil's footy mates, Alec on the left is travelling S America with Phil.

 We found that a routine soon emerged. We slept late each morning getting up about 11am, and then staying up till late at night, with me going to bed about 1.30 and Bridgie following about 4am! Once we were up, one of us would go and visit the local bakery "Paris Baguette" and buy a croissant or similar, and then we would set off exploring.

Gun mandu
There were several places we enjoyed eating, and this particular place was a real favourite where we were made very welcome. Gun mandu was delicious and if all else failed we would revert to this tasty bite!

This became one of our favourite watering holes.
One of our earliest days was spent in Suwon walking the fortress walls. Nick, one of Phil's good mates, offered to take us there on the bus which was brilliant and gave us confidence to get about on our own afterwards.

The Hwaseong Fortress Wall

...more soon :-)

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  1. A "jump break"? What's that? I didn't know there >were< new Blogger tools!

    The food looks yummy.

    I didn't realise that Phil was part of such a large group of Westerners.

    Christmas Eve, and Jeannie and I both have colds :-( But you'all see and have a nice day.

  2. Lovely Ruthie! It has been a long wait but well worth it!! Now how about the rest!!